Sammy Moorin: teenage inspiration

| December 1, 2011

It took the initiative of one determined 13-year-old girl to help build what is today the Physical Wellness Center at the Cabbage Patch Settlement House.

Sammy Moorin, a sophomore at duPont Manual High School and a varsity field hockey player, had toured the Cabbage Patch facility two years ago with her mother.

Becoming disheartened by the lack of exercise equipment she found inside its fitness center, Moorin decided to take action.

Her first endeavor was to hold a fundraiser to benefit the Physical Wellness Center. As word spread of the teen’s efforts, Candace Medina of the Gilbert Family offered a grant to the organization and sought the help of the Humana Foundation, who donated $20,000 to furnish the facility with cardio and strength equipment.

Why did you visit Cabbage Patch two years ago?
My mom was on the board at Cabbage Patch and I was just really interested in where she was spending her time for charity. I went down for the grand tour in December, 2009 and it was impressive but one thing I noticed was their fitness center didn’t have any equipment when I first saw it.

Why did you decide to help fund the fitness center?
Ever since I was little, I’ve been involved with fitness activities and loved them and felt everyone should have the opportunity to have that experience in their lives. I decided that that’s what I wanted to help with in that new facility. My main motivation is I knew how much fitness played a big role in my life.

How did the idea for a fundraising party come about?
I knew I was going to get a lot of people together in one place who could donate money. At school people, were always going around with envelopes asking people to donate and no one really donated much. I thought if I could get people interested once they got to the party they would donate money and be a little bit more generous because they’d get to have fun too.

How many people attended the party?
Probably about 60 to 70 people showed up. I was not expecting that big of a turnout for the party because it was about everyone who I had invited there.

Where did you have the party?
The Woods of St. Thomas Clubhouse.

How big of a donation did you ask from guests?
As you walked in, there was a shoebox that said Cabbage Patch donation and I asked everyone to put in as much as they could in the box.

How much money did you raise?
We raised $762.

How did it feel to know that your fundraiser fueled other organizations to get involved?
It made me feel great and I’m so glad that I could play a small role in the fact that the fitness room is getting what it needs. It made me feel awesome that Humana made such a huge donation.

Do you think you’ll stay involved in charity work in the future?
I think probably for the rest of my life I’ll be involved in charity because I know how good it feels once you help someone. I love that feeling, so I’ll probably stay involved as much as I can.

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