Phyllis Reed Johnson, White House Fashion Party host

| August 3, 2011
Phyllis Reed Johnson

Phyllis Reed Johnson

For a $10 donation to the Cancer Foundation, you can attend one of the hottest parties in Louisville hosted by Phyllis Reed Johnson. The Louisville fashion designer will hold her annual White House Fashion Party Friday, Aug. 5, at 8 p.m. in her beautiful backyard at 3509 Del Park Terrace. I sat down with Johnson to talk about the sixth annual event, which will feature a runway show, four-course home cooked meal and hundreds of guests dressed in white.

Why did you first start hosting the White Party?
The purpose of the party is to raise money for the Cancer Foundation. Cancer is on both sides of my family. The tickets are a $10 donation and all of the money goes toward the Cancer Foundation.

Is there anything different about this year’s White Party?
One new thing has to do with the fashion show. With my fashion, I don’t do full-figure fashion nor do I do men’s fashion, so this year there’s a designer coming in from Chicago who does men’s fashion and full-figure fashion. We have eight regular-sized models, two full-figure models and two male models. We’re always trying to incorporate something bigger and better, so this year we focused on the fashion show.

Also, we have gift bags for each guest and will hand tickets to every guest for a chance to receive a door prize.

Where did the White Party theme come from?
Well Puff Daddy (Diddy) has always had a White Party, and it just looks so fun and elegant. I think Oprah did one for her birthday party one year, too. So I kind of got the idea from that. We do all the chair covers and decorations in white. And, if you’re not in all white, you can’t get in because that’s how we know you’re not invited!

Do you have a theme for the fashion show?
This year it’s “no stress.” Same goes with the music. I told the DJ, (Rob Mack) just “no stress.” You know, que será, será.

What is the one thing you’re most excited about this year’s party?
I always look forward to the guests. We have people coming from in town and out of town. Every year you see people you haven’t seen in awhile and people you’ve never even seen before. That’s what I love about it – just getting to see these people and having a good time.

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