Liz Lewis, Sacred Heart field hockey coach

| January 16, 2011

Liz Lewis

Liz Lewis, Sacred Heart varsity field hockey coach and director of the field hockey program, has made tremendous strides in empowering young girls both on and off the field.

“Liz the Legend,” as she is endearingly called, recently helped launch a new independent field hockey club called Stealth.

When did you first become involved with Field Hockey?
I initially became involved with field hockey when I played in high school, a long time ago! I was away from the sport after high school until 2000 when my daughter began to play. I coached in grade school until 2002 when I had the opportunity to coach at the high school level.

Where does your passion for the sport come from?
My passion for field hockey is an extension of my love for athletics as a whole. As a child, I loved sports and as the only girl growing up with three brothers, I was constantly playing with them as well as on grade school teams.

Are you from Louisville?
I am a native of Louisville.,  I graduated from Holy Spirit School, Sacred Heart Academy and Bellarmine University.

How did you know you wanted to coach?
There was never a decisive moment that led me to coaching. Really, I have been coaching something most of my life, and when I was offered the head coaching job at Sacred Heart, I knew that I was ready to devote the time and energy required at that level.

Where did the idea of the new Stealth program come from?
The idea for Stealth had been in my mind for many years. However, I did not have the capital to do it the way I feel it should be done. In early 2010, some investors approached me and Stealth became a reality.

We felt that there was a market for a program that could teach college-bound field hockey skills to players of all skill levels, starting at a younger age. We also believe that adding a third field hockey club to the community would allow the sport to be played by more players, which could take the sport in Louisville to a new level of play. Since beginning operations, we have heard such positive feedback from our customers about our philosophy and our coaches that we believe that our mission is on target for this community.

I know the coaching piece and my partners know the business piece. It truly is a great fit and needless to say, I am learning so much from them.

How important is it to empower young girls through sports and organizations?
I am so pleased you asked about the importance of empowering young girls and woman through sports. That is a crucial part of the Stealth mission statement. To watch the players develop their individual and team skills is fun; however, it is seeing them develop life skills, which is truly inspiring.

Stealth is about teaching the athletes through field hockey those skills that will help them succeed in life. A clear example of this occurred at the National Hockey Festival over Thanksgiving where our U19 team competed. This was a group of players from various high schools who found a way to blend their individual skills into a highly successful team, who both won their pool (competing against players from across the nation) and had a great time developing new friendships from across our community while doing so.

What do you do when you aren’t coaching?
I’m a registered nurse. I work full time at Baptist Hospital East. I have been at BHE since 2001 and a nurse since 1984.

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