Lachlan McLean, “˜Sports Talk 84′ host

| December 23, 2010

Lachlan McLean

Lachlan McLean, host of “Sports Talk 84″ on 84WHAS, talks to The Voice-Tribune about holiday plans, Chinese food and “The Dougie.”

How will you and your family spend the holidays?
We spend the holidays here in Louisville. My wife, Carolyn, was born and raised here, and it has become my true home as well. My schedule requires me to work nights, and I don’t always see my daughters as much as I’d like, so when they aren’t in school, I double up on the daddy time. We also like to visit with my wife’s family in town. She has eight aunts and two uncles and 20-plus cousins who all live here, so there are plenty of relatives to go around!

Do you have any favorite traditions or holiday recipes?
We eat Chinese food every year on Christmas Eve “¦,  a tradition my father-in-law started after watching “A Christmas Story” one too many times. I’m surprised I don’t get a BB gun every year! As for recipes, my cooking knowledge ends when the microwave door shuts.

You have two young daughters, what is this year’s “must-have” item, (according to your girls)?
Good question. They wrote a letter to Santa, but my wife sealed and mailed it before I could see! Uh oh. Actually I think I know: my oldest daughter Madison (8) has made repeated pleas for a dog or a bunny. Since we told her that was a long shot, she says a “Care “˜n Cure” Toy Animal she can take care of is her second choice. My youngest daughter Lucy (5) is deep in a Barbie phase.

Do they know their dad is on the radio?
Yes, they know, although they won’t let my wife listen while she drives them around. They like to boogie in the back seat instead! Madison used to call in to Terry Meiners when she was 5 or 6 years old, but she hasn’t been on as much lately. Maybe we’ll make getting both kids on the radio our 2011 resolution?

Which fans do you like better: UK or U of L?
I moved here in 1999 with no allegiance to either school and spent almost a decade trying to convince fans I didn’t favor one side or another. I think people finally get it, although invariably when I say something good about one program, the opposing fans jump to the mistaken conclusion that I’m a closet supporter – it just isn’t true! Each school has a tiny percentage of wackos, but the huge majority of fans in this area are intelligent and extraordinarily passionate about sports – just the way I like it.

You were recently spotted doing “The Dougie” at a Louisville Lightning game. Who taught you how to do “The Dougie”?
If you saw me dance, it’s quite obvious that no one taught me a thing! I believe the words “epic fail” describe my Dougie experiment. I apologize to those who still have nightmares about my performance.

What are your New Year’s Eve plans?
Of course I’ll spend the afternoon courtside at the UK-U of L basketball game! It should be an incredible atmosphere, and I can’t wait. At night, we normally take our kids to a party with friends in the neighborhood, but this year we’ve been invited to a couple of parties for adults only and are determined to go. Now all we need is a baby-sitter. Any volunteers?

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