Erica McDowell Skyn Lounge owner

| June 22, 2011
Erica McDowell, Skyn Lounge owner.

Erica McDowell, Skyn Lounge owner.

The sun can take a toll on our skin this time of year. Erica McDowell, a licensed aesthetician and owner of Skyn Lounge, told us about her new clinical day spa, which offers clinical treatments, facials and makeup applications.

Located at 227 Chenoweth Lane, Skyn Lounge will have its grand opening on Thursday, June 23.

How did you come up with the concept for Skyn Lounge?
I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time. I just wanted to open a spa that focuses on skin health only. I don’t have the ambition of doing nails or hair. I wanted to focus purely on improving skin. There are so many different concerns out there like sun damage, acne and hormonal fluctuations that cause changes in the skin, so I offer exfoliating treatments that help improve those conditions.

How big is your staff here?
We keep it small. I do a lot of the treatments myself. I have a couple of aestheticians and a massage therapist. I would like to see every customer that comes in. We do a consultation with them first and talk about their concerns before we go into any treatments because a lot of times you don’t know exactly what to get.

Skyn Lounge.Earlier you mentioned sun damage, which is a big issue especially during the summer. What do you recommend to clients for skin protection?
There are so many different treatments you can do for skin damage. I tend to lean toward chemical peels because they really do help remove sun damage spots on the skin. I offer a variety of peels that are safe for all skin types and conditions. There’s a misconception that chemical peels burn your skin, but they are very safe and effective now. I also recommend staying out of the sun completely if you can. It’s OK to get a little bit of sun exposure, but wear a good sunscreen that’s SPF 30 or higher.

Aside from treatments, you also offer makeup applications. Can you tell us about that?
I actually started as a makeup artist and moved out to San Francisco 10 years ago. This whole idea of Skyn Lounge actually stemmed from my years out there. I came back here after a couple of years in San Francisco to work on skin care and makeup, as well as the medical side of skin care.

Skyn Lounge.Is there a summer trend in makeup you’ve been seeing lately?
I think it’s changing constantly. You just have to keep up with the trends through magazines and by educating yourself. Even with skin care, they constantly come out with new products that are for anti-aging or help remove brown spots. There’s a core group of products that really do change the skin and remove sun damage, and that’s what I have here. After having the experience to work with other products, I have found the ones that truly work.

What skin care lines do you offer at Skyn Lounge?
I have three main skin care lines here. There’s IsClinical, which is a very exclusive line. Jennifer Aniston uses it, so it’s getting a lot of press these days. Only a couple of people carry it in Louisville. I also carry OBAGI and SkinCeuticals.

Skyn Lounge.Do you ever want to start your own skin care line?
I’m actually going to have a makeup line coming out soon. I’m going to probably launch it here at Skyn Lounge. It’s going to be a cool, exclusive makeup line that corresponds with skin care treatments we offer here. So that should be available very soon.

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