Dorothy “Dot” Allen

| June 15, 2011
Dorothy “Dot” Allen.

Dorothy “Dot” Allen.

Just five days shy of her 85th birthday, Dorothy “Dot” Allen shot her best game of golf with a score of 45 on the back nine of Seneca Golf Course on June 1.

Allen has stayed active throughout her life, but took up golf just 15 years ago. In addition to swinging clubs at Seneca every Wednesday, Allen also plays tennis each Monday at Advantage Tennis and Fitness located off Dutchmans Lane.

The spry 85-year-old sat down with us to talk about how she continues to stay fit and impress friends and family with her talents in sports.

Congratulations on the impressive score at Seneca. How did it feel?
Well, I don’t do that every week. I’ll make sure you know that. I’m not that good of a golfer; I just happened to shoot that 45. It was the lowest I’ve ever scored, but I played last week and I didn’t shoot a 45. I don’t know what I’ll shoot tomorrow.

Who do you typically golf with each week?
I’m part of the 9 Hole Club, which is a group for ladies that play every Wednesday at Seneca. I golf with my children and grandchildren on the weekend sometimes.

So your children are avid golfers as well?
Yes, I have six grown children, 10 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren, and most of them play golf. One great-grandchild plays in tournaments at Seneca. She’s 9 years old and has been swinging clubs since she was born.

Do you have any other hobbies besides golf and tennis?
I volunteer one day at Twinbrook nursing home, and I do a lot of yard work and housework. I also walk the hills every day and lift eight pound weights. I like to go out and have sushi every once and awhile with my daughters, too.

Do you have any advice for others hoping to get better at their golf game?
No advice. Not at this age. I think it was just luck. I’m just happy to be out there. I’ve been very fortunate with my health. I just hope to stay active because it’s fun. I love to shop and hang out with friends and family and eat good food. I don’t have big money, but I do enjoy what I have.

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