Demisha Webster, Styles on Wheelz

| March 23, 2011
Demisha Webster

Demisha Webster

Demisha Webster gets a kick out of being complimented for always seeming to “roll with it.” Yes, the master hair stylist has an easygoing, unflappable demeanor, but she’s also a traveling stylist who commutes to wherever her clients are located, including on photo and television shoots, in workplaces and, most often, at private residences. “It’s a really special thing to be able to make someone feel beautiful by doing something so simple. I’m blessed. I really am.”

Demisha recently stepped out of the fast lane for a few minutes to talk with us (while doing a client’s hair, of course) about life on the go.

When did you know you wanted to be a hair stylist?
I started when I was 13. I just was fascinated with the before and after results and the expression on somebody’s face when they were so happy about going from long to short or short to long.

You have a variety of clients, but you told me there are a handful who are just near ‘n’ dear to your heart.

Yes, the homebound and disabled. I like being able to help others. It’s rewarding to help other people, to be in the position to bless others. Somebody blessed me and I like helping others out.

Over the past few years, it seems like more and more women of all ethnicities have copped to having what was once a taboo subject: extensions and weaves.

At first weaves and extensions were like exclusive and it was secret, but now everybody is wearing them. It’s as common as adding a scarf to your wardrobe. I think Hollywood and the fashion world are why people want a certain look. It’s also the freedom to have versatility.

Tyra Banks and “America’s Next Top Model” introduced mainstream America to the sew-in method of applying extensions. What other methods are there?

You can get what’s called fusion, which is a strand by strand method applied with a keratin glue, you can have wefts – or sections of hair, real or synthetic – bonded to your own, there are lace front weaves, and there are also pieces you can just clip in to your own.

Whose hair would you like to get your hands on the most?

Beyoncé because I love her personality, especially her alter ego and I am a versatile stylist. I like the before and after effect, to get the ego out there. I’d also like to do Lady Gaga’s hair.

Who does your hair?

(Laughs.) I do my own hair. I’m a stylist, and I’m very picky.

Derby is coming up. Do you have any suggestions for the best styles to complement a hat or fascinator?

If you’re rocking a hat, either wear a bun or wear it very long, adding extensions for length. I like a clean, long ponytail or wear it down with lots of layers. They always look good. Another option is clip-in pieces. That way you can take them out after the event is over.

When you’re not doing hair, how are you spending your time?

I love to travel. Even if I just hit the road for a couple hours, if I can refresh my mind, that’s a beautiful thing. I’m always searching for new ideas to try. I also write poetry and love spending time with my family – Tavion, 18, Daezha, 15, and Zion, 10.

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