Chip Jaworski, Sea Ray of Louisville

| August 3, 2011
Chip Jaworski

Chip Jaworski

Boating is one of the best ways to savor the summer sun, and with the Ohio River close by, you can head down to the water just about any day of the week. We caught up with Chip Jaworski, general manager at Sea Ray of Louisville, to find out about the best ways to enjoy the water.

What does Sea Ray of Louisville offer to its customers?
We are a full-line boat dealership, specializing in marine sales, service parts and accessories. We have a full line of Sea Ray boats and also carry Boston Whaler, and a line called South Bay Pontoons, which has done very well. We have just recently picked up a ski boat brand called Moomba and Supra and carry a yacht line called Meridian Yachts.

I hear you like to show your customers how to have fun with boating. How do you go about that?
We have customer events, like Aquapalooza, which stands for water party. Basically it’s a celebration of the boating lifestyle. You don’t have to be a Sea Ray owner to attend. You don’t even have to have a boat and you can still come. We’ve had it at Rough River, Captain’s Quarters and a lot of other locations. We’ve also done A-Dock socials at Captain’s Quarters and will be having an open house at Sea Ray on Aug. 20 from noon to 4 p.m.

Do you have any tips for first-time buyers?
It’s based upon what would suit you and your family. Everyone’s different. Are you single? Are you a family? How are you going to use the boat? Where is the boat going to go? We try to find what you need, and we feel that we have the product to suit one of those needs.

Sea Ray of LouisvilleWith it being summer, it’s the perfect time to go out on the water. Where do you recommend going?
This region is blessed with a lot of really nice lakes. In my mind, Kentucky and Dale Hollow are two of the prettiest lakes in the region. Barkley Lake, Rough River and Taylorsville Lake are nice as well. There’s a lot of options and a lot of water – just a lot of nice places to go.

What’s one thing people generally don’t know about boating?
Boating is more affordable than a lot of people realize. The low $20,000 range gets you a nice boat. It certainly gets you a nice pontoon or an entry level runabout. The rates are at a historical low and bankers will extend the terms because boats typically last longer than cars. So with payments of around $250, you can get a really nice boat.

Sea Ray of Louisville is located at 1410 Frankfort Ave. For information, visit

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