Chef Dean Corbett

| February 10, 2011
Chef Dean Corbett

Chef Dean Corbett

While chef Dean Corbett’s restaurants (Corbett’s: An American Place and Equus & Jack’s Lounge) are full of complex and tasty eats, he proves that keeping it simple is the key to success.

With popular restaurants packed for Valentines’ Day, Corbett shared his tricks on preparation, thoughts on reality TV in his profession and what keeps him going at the end of the day.

What is the theme behind your cooking for Corbett’s: An American Place and Equus & Jack’s Lounge?
Corbett’s: seasonally-correct cutting-edge fine dining with food having a balance of taste & texture.

Equus & Jack’s Lounge: Kentucky comfort food reminiscent of what Grandma used to make

What is your favorite meal?
All kinds of pizza. And I love Dim Sum.

How long do you usually spend preparing a menu for special prix fixe menus?
A special prix fixe menu takes upwards of a week to prepare. You have to carefully schedule delivery of all meats and produce to ensure freshness. Some dishes take days to prepare to allow for marination, etc. Highly-perishable foods like seafood must be prepared the day of. A lot of thought and work goes into prix fixe menus, but the results are usually outstanding!

What is your favorite part about being a chef?
I love to visit a table where guests have a huge smile and are thanking me for the meal they just enjoyed! I also love when guests give me full reign to prepare whatever I want and to surprise them. Then I can be really creative using the best of the season and the best ingredients. There is nothing better than that.

What are your thoughts on reality TV cooking shows such as “Top Chef,” “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Chopped”?
I hate them all. Those reality shows do a complete disservice to our industry. But I do like “Iron Chef” and,  “Kitchen Nightmares.”

How many proposals have you seen over the years on Valentines’ Day?
Too many to count! At least 25 to 30 over the years.

What is the most romantic meal to prepare at home for those looking to dine in this Valentine’s Day?
For my wife Julie, I like to make a simple filet mignon, mashed potatoes and asparagus. Everyone knows my drink of choice is Bud Light, but for a meal like this, a fine red wine is a must!

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