Brenda Dannelly, Holistic health coach

| June 29, 2011
Brenda Dannelly.

Brenda Dannelly.

Kentucky recently was named the fourth “fattest” state in America. With our affinity for fried food, mint juleps and local brews, it’s no surprise that many of us have horrible eating habits that contribute to this classification. We need help, but don’t always know where to find it.

Brenda Dannelly, a certified holistic health coach, works with clients to help fight the fat and learn to lead healthier, more natural lifestyles. She recently opened her own practice and sat down with us to discuss what she does and how others can help themselves to lead a lifestyle she describes as, “Healthy, Hopeful, Free.”

How long have you been practicing holistic health coaching?
I opened my own practice in January, and before that I was a nutrition adviser for a company based in Dallas called Advocare. All in all, about 11 years.

How does one become a holistic health coach?
It’s a certification program. My credentials are Certified Holistic Health Counselor – CHHC. The accreditation is through the American Association for Drugless Practitioners. I chose a school in New York City, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition because – from a holistic standpoint – it’s strong in nutrition science, but it also has the component of lifestyle coaching.

The personal coaching that I do is much more individualized. What I truly believe is that the picture of health certainly is not just the absence of disease; it is your whole person.

How do you assess your clients before helping them lead better, healthier lifestyles?
When I coach people, we talk as much about the parts of their life that nourish them that don’t land on their plate as what does land on their plate, and the interdependency between the two.

On my website, I have a form called “health history.” It’s critical that I have a chance to see that completed. It’s pivotal that it’s how I start every single relationship. They share with me just their basic information and what they eat, what their concerns are and when they felt the best in their life.

Where does your passion for helping people better themselves come from?
I needed to lose weight myself 11 years ago. What happened was, I saw someone – a good friend of mine who had lost a dramatic amount of weight. The dramatic hope that can be created from one person seeing another person they know who’s made a big change … it’s curious. You’re wondering: How did you do that? You were like me and now you seem so improved.

At that point, she was taking supplements to lose weight. I did what she did, and I had great success – I lost 25 pounds. But I was much more intrigued by the transformation that happened in me that caused me to hope again that I could stay healthy.

The tagline that I have for my business is “Healthy, Hopeful, Free” because as a person regains their health, it renews their hope and makes them realize that they can do more with their life, and then they’re free.

What is the most common bad eating habit you’ve observed with your clients?
Eating way too many processed foods – anything in a bag or a box that didn’t either move around or grow in the ground; underestimating the amount of nutrient-bankrupt calories they get through drinks like specialty coffees, alcohol, sodas and fruit juice – unworthy calories, if you will.

For someone with poor eating habits, what’s the first step to getting on the healthy track?
My specialty is digestive health. So the way I organize my business is to start with a very powerful process with people that, in 10 days, transforms their life. It is the signature system that I do. It’s called a 10-day herbal cleanse. By far, it has absolute biggest impact in a short amount of time, with a minimal investment, and the most profound changes can happen in the first 10 days. Here’s why: My program uses high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade supplements, like fiber, probiotics and things like that, in addition to a very specific food plan I wrote that takes out inflammatory foods, allergenic foods and acidic foods.

When you combine those ingredients in a 10-day detox program, it’s the beginning of all transformation. It rids your body of all toxins and contaminants and things that compromise your body’s absorption of nutrients. It renourishes the lining of your intestines. After the cleanse, your body is tuned up and ready, digestively, to reach optimal health.

What is some advice you can offer our readers who are unhappy with their current eating habits but haven’t yet worked up the courage to see a specialist?
I really would encourage them to see someone like me because information is power. When they sit and listen for a consultation – before we even start – they’re gonna learn a lot about their own health. Those conversations are highly confidential because they have answered questions that let me know where they are, currently, with their health. One conversation can change your life.

An investment in a person’s health pays back in every aspect of their life more than any other single investment they could make.
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