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| February 24, 2011
Actress Jennier Lawrence and her brother Blaine Lawrence

Actress Jennifer Lawrence and her brother Blaine Lawrence

I first met Blaine Lawrence when he was a hopeful 18-year-old “pledge” going through rush week at the University of Kentucky. All we knew about him was he was cute, from Louisville and his sister liked to act. Flash forward six years and a lot more than his “pledge” status has changed.

Blaine, whose sister Jennifer Lawrence is nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Winter’s Bone,” took time out of his whirlwind Los Angeles adventures to assure us that everyone is doing just fine.

As a big brother of an actress, do the rules for dating your sister still apply in Hollywood?
Well, guys are guys no matter what they do or “who they are,” so every guy still has to go through the same screening process with my brother, dad and me. She actually has a boyfriend now, and we have all given her the thumbs-up, which is a first.

What has the entire process been like? From her getting cast, to filming and now nominated for an Oscar?

Jen really wanted the part of Ree, and Deborah, the director, didn’t think she had the right look. Jen didn’t take no for an answer and took a red eye to New York the next night and showed up for the audition. I remember talking to her during filming and it sounded brutal. They were working ridiculous hours in the freezing cold.

One thing I will always remember is that she never complained and was thankful that everyone was doing the film for the right reasons. She got to work with some incredibly talented people (John Hawkes, who’s nominated for best supporting actor), and met one of her best friends (Lauren Sweetser, who plays her friend “Gail” in “Winter’s Bone”). Now that she’s been nominated, she’s had more opportunities to meet with very well-known directors and fellow actors for future roles, and has more champagne stashed away in her apartment than any 20-year-old I’ve ever known.

What has changed in your daily life since Jennifer’s recent success?
A lot. I completely lost my birth name, and am now “Jennifer Lawrence’s brother,” when I’m introduced to people here (in LA), and during the past few weeks my brother has been on TV more than Anderson Cooper.

What has been the most surreal part for you during this experience?
I went to the Directors Guild awards with Jen and sat down to eat, and to my left was Jenna Fischer (from “The Office”) and to my right was Sofia Vergara (from “Modern Family”), and the presenters included Leonardo Dicaprio, Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg. It’s been surreal hearing people I casually watch on TV and movies telling my sister that they loved her film and congratulating her on receiving a nomination.

Coolest celebrity you’ve met?
Charlize Theron. Gorgeous and down-to-earth

Hollywood crush?
Cameron Diaz “¦ and Clint Eastwood.

Has Jennifer promised to hook you up with anyone?
Haha, still waiting on that one.

As a brother, what has been the most challenging part of this experience?
Keeping a balance between being extremely proud of her and showing her support, while not treating her any different than I did before the nomination.

Do you get nervous for her?
Are you kidding? I think I hold my breath during every interview, especially the late night shows. You never know what’s coming out of her mouth. She’s so unpredictable, which makes her funny and likable, but makes her publicists and family sweat.

Will you be attending the Oscars with your sister?
Yes, that’s the plan as of right now.

If so, what will you be wearing?
Don’t you mean, “Who will I be wearing?” (laughs). I’ll be in standard black suit, black tie from Margaret’s Consignment on Frankfort Avenue (that’s the truth, I’m a second-hand junkie).

Most importantly, do you get to bring a date?
Cameron Diaz was busy, so I’m just going with my family. The “date” situation is still up in the air.

Has anyone recognized you yet as being related to Jennifer?
Nope, but if that ever happens, she will be the LAST person to know about it! I’m trying keep my sis grounded!

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