Phillip & Janine McIntosh

| November 23, 2011

McIntoshAlmost three decades ago, at the University of Louisville, the “king of romantics” found his future wife at a dental school party inside the Red Barn.

Phillip “Mac” McIntosh, who is a dentist, was dating “a lot of fish in the sea” until he was introduced to his wife, Janine.

Three years later, Mac graduated with a diploma from U of L and an ultimatum from his mother.

“The night that I graduated from dental school in May of ’82, Janine’s parents had a party for me,” Mac said.

“As my family was leaving, my mother took me aside and basically said what are you going to do about Janine? She said, ‘Either marry her or let her go.’”

Figuring mother knows best, Mac walked Janine up the driveway to the house, turned to her and said, “Well, let’s look for a ring.”

“That’s how he proposed!” Janine laughed. “Do you want to go look for a ring?’ Not will you marry me — ‘Do you want to go look for a ring?’ Mac is the king of romantics.”

On October 23, 1982, the couple married at St. Boniface Catholic Church.

Janine was a dental hygienist at the same practice where Mac was a dentist, so the couple had to learn how to handle spending time together – much time.

“We leave work at work since we work together,” Janine said. “We drive separate to work and we try to keep it as separate as we can because we do have to spend so much time together: home and there.”

Away from home and work, the two like to go out on the river and visit the surrounding restaurants, as well as attend U of L football games, even though Mac is a huge Cats fan at heart.

McIntosh“We like to go out with friends and we’re sports people,” Janine said. “We go to football games and basketball and NASCAR. I’m embarrassed to say that but we enjoy it.”

“And it’s something we can enjoy together,” Mac added.

The couple also enjoys the company of their close-knit group of friends. Every Wednesday night, they go out as a group for their “Hump Day Get-together’s,” as Janine called them.

As for those occasions when the couple should argue, they’ve also learned the best way to deal with that: “Agree to disagree.”

“You will never agree on everything,” Janine said. “We agree that there will be differences and we will disagree about things and we will let go of that.”

It seems to have worked well for the couple, who just celebrated their 29th anniversary earlier this year. And, while he’s only jokingly called the “king of romantics,” Mac has occasionally shown Janine he does have a few heart-felt gestures up his sleeve.

While vacationing in New York City for the couple’s 25th anniversary, Mac bought another engagement ring for Janine and had it delivered to their hotel room. It was there that he finally got down on one knee to propose to Janine the traditional way, 25 years later.

“Marriage is a job,” Mac explained. “You’ve got to work at it. I think we’ve been extremely fortunate to be together as long as we have and to feel the way we do about each other and to have worked together and raised the kids (Ryan, 25, and Claire, 23) and still love each other and care for each other. Granted, we don’t vocalize it as much as we should but it’s in the little things we do. They go without saying.”


“Laugh,” Janine said. “Life’s too short. And, empty the dishwasher. Show respect to each other. Say thanks for little things that you don’t think about thanking each other for doing.”


“Don’t sweat the small stuff,” Mac said.

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