Josh & Danielle Koerber

| April 13, 2011
Josh & Danielle Koerber

Josh & Danielle Koerber

Each year millions of hopefuls take the journey from respective hometowns to the Hollywood hills. Most are searching for fame, some for the waves, but I can almost guarantee none are searching for a drag queen to play matchmaker.

However, a chance encounter with a stranger dressed as Courtney Love brought  Josh and Danielle Koerber together, and I think it’s safe to say they got the treat end out of Halloween.

After months of cross-country romance, a brief hiatus and re-connecting, the fun-loving couple catch me up on how it all played out and while they’re just so – in love.

Upon meeting this handsome couple, you can tell their love for each other and respect for others outweighs his charming laugh and her overall beauty.

How did you meet?

While many couples have fun, romantic and interesting stories – this one, by far, takes the cake.

“It was Halloween and I was living in Hollywood at the time,” Danielle said. “My girlfriend and I didn’t really have set plans so decided to go to this random party we heard about.”

Across the 101, Josh, who is originally from Louisville, was headed to a different party until he got a call that there would be an open bar at another event – they were sold. It just so happened to be the same party Danielle was headed to.

“So there I was with some friends hanging out, when all of a sudden this random guy dressed up as Courtney Love came over and started talking to us,” Danielle recalled.

“Out of nowhere he said ‘I have to introduce you to my friend.’ So he brings Josh over and we chat for a little and then go about our night.

“Later on that evening I see Josh again and ask him, ‘Where did your friend dressed up as Courtney Love go?’ He  just kinda stared blankly at me, so confused and said, ‘I’ve never met that guy before tonight.’ Neither of us knew who the person was.

“So our matchmaker was a total stranger dressed up as Courtney Love on Halloween night in Hollywood.”

“I showed up to work the following Monday and told the ladies there that I had met the girl I was going to marry,” Josh said. “She was dressed up as Barbie and I was a cowboy – we still have a picture from that first night hanging on our refrigerator.”

Josh & Danielle Koerber“He waited an entire week to call me after that,” Danielle said teasing Josh.

“I was nervous,” he added.

Finally, their first date came, and when they exchanged addresses, Josh realized they lived just four blocks from each other.

“Needless to say, I had allowed for California traffic and was extremely early to pick her up,” Josh said, almost still embarrassed about his first date impression.

After dating for awhile, Josh moved back home to Kentucky to start working for his family’s business, Koerber’s Fine Jewelry, while Danielle’s job moved her to New York City to open a store in SoHo.

How did you end up back together?

The two split up, but kept in touch and as fate would have it – ended up at a familiar scene, only this time sans Courtney Love costumed stranger.

“We were apart for probably about two years,” Josh said, “then I went up to New York to visit my sister and a friend and ended up, yet again, at the same party as Danielle.

“But we didn’t get back together right away. I went back home to Louisville and then one day just got a text out of the blue from Danielle that said ‘I miss you,’” Josh added with a boyish grin and an expected objection.

“Oh please!” Danielle interjected with a laugh and a roll of her eyes.

“I love how he tries to tell the story that way. What really happened is that we had both been at a party, trying to be cool and avoid each other, until he couldn’t resist and came over to talk to me.”

“That’s not how I remember it,” Josh said pushing her buttons, “but whatever she says.”

How did he propose?

After 6 months of long-distance dating, Josh planned a surprise visit to Danielle’s hometown of Boca Raton, Fla., for Fourth of July weekend.

“I was on the plane headed to Florida when the flight attendant came over the intercom letting us know that it was the pilot’s 10th wedding anniversary and he was heading to Florida to spend it with his wife. They handed each passenger a playing card for us to write an anniversary message on.

“I wrote, ‘Thanks for the lift, I’m on the way to propose to my future wife, Josh.’

“So we finally land and as we were on the runway to taxi, the flight attendant gets back on the intercom and says, ‘Who is Josh? Stand up!’ She then proceeded to announce to the entire plane my plan to propose. She totally called me out but everyone clapped.

“I get down to baggage claim where Danielle was waiting for me and all these random strangers were walking past giving me thumbs up or high fives. I thought for sure she would figure it out.”

“I had no idea,” Danielle said. “I was so surprised and excited my first words when he proposed were ‘shut up!”

Josh, who has been in the jewelry business for as long as he could remember, designed the ring himself.

“I didn’t even know what I wanted until I saw the ring and it was everything I could have ever imagined – he did a really good job!” Danielle said.

How to do you make it work on a day-to-day basis?

Shortly after the engagement, Danielle moved to Louisville and the two, who will celebrate their two year anniversary on April 18, have been together ever since.

“We both agree that you have to have a sense of humor,” Danielle said.

“We also communicate about everything. We don’t keep secrets, we are excited to share things with each other,” Josh said. “It is impossible for me to keep anything from her, even if I buy her something and I want it to be a surprise, I end up giving it to her like three hours later.

“I think we celebrated Christmas this year on Dec. 10.”

“It sounds trite but he really is my best friend – we make each other laugh and we just have a good time,” Danielle added.

Do you have a system for dividing up household chores?

“I will admit, it’s a little weighted in Danielle’s direction, she really goes above and beyond,” Josh said.

“He changes the light bulbs,” Danielle sweetly added giving Josh his credit.

Where do you like to go when you’re out ‘n’ about?

Josh & Danielle Koerber“We love Louisville restaurants,” Danielle said.

Being from Boca, California and New York – that’s a huge compliment.

“We love Dragon Kings Daughter, Havana Rumba, we just tried Jack’s Lounge for the first time the other night. It’s fun getting to know the city up and down through exploring different restaurants” Josh said.

Is there anything you always do as a couple?

“We either cook dinner together or go out to dinner every night, anywhere we can just sit, get away from the TV and talk,” Josh said.

“After sleeping, working and everything else that comes up during a day, I think if you can get at least an hour in communicating every single day that’s good,” he said. “Because really, when you think about it, you don’t have a full hour to do much of anything, so we make a point to turn off our phones, turn on some music and enjoy listening to each other.”

“We also both love to cook and try new recipes,” Danielle said. “I don’t eat meat, and that is something that Josh has done a great job of incorporating into his own eating habits as well. Every now and then I’ll get in his car and it smells like a cheeseburger, but I let it slide,” Danielle said as she glanced over to Josh.

Another thing the couple has recently put time into is philanthropy.

“Louisville has been so good to us and we want to give back. We have a strong desire to really get involved in the community, we’ve joined a new church and are excited about giving back,” Josh said.



Do you collaborate on jewelry projects?

Josh has been around his family’s jewelry’s business for as long as he can remember, so it was no surprise when he opened the 81st Pandora store in the United States. Since then, the Pandora brand has grown from gifting items to a full-blown jewelry line.

Recently, Josh and Danielle have collaborated on an upcoming jewelry line with the concept of made by women, for women to benefit women. Josh and Danielle have worked closely to create a line that is affordable luxury. Proceeds from every sale will benefit women’s charities.

“I really am just there to offer my business expertise, Danielle is really doing a lot of the designing, and it is truly something I’ve never seen in women’s jewelry,” Josh said.

What advice would you offer to couples new or old who desire to walk through life in tandem?

“Don’t take it all so serious – have fun! So often we can easily get wrapped up in other things and don’t appreciate each other at face value, so I would say just appreciate each other,” Danielle said.

“I feel so blessed, I almost feel like we make it too easy,” Josh said. “In today’s times there aren’t many long-standing relationships anymore, so we both made sure that we weren’t jumping into anything and were making 100 percent certain it was the right decision – and it is definitely the right decision.”


April 18, 2009


The couple reside, along with their 2-year-old Italian Greyhoud, Andre, in a condo in downtown Louisville.

Cats or Cards

Hoosiers. Although Josh was born and raised in Louisville, he earned his degree for Indiana University.
“I’m a Hoosier, but the Cards are definitely up there,” Josh said.


Josh is vice president of Koerber’s Fine Jewelry and owner of Pandora Jewelry. Danielle, teaches montessori and is focusing on her upcoming  jewelry line.

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