Earl Weikel & Teresa Good

| March 15, 2012

If ever the perfect match truly existed, Earl Weikel and Teresa Good would fit the description.

Five years ago, they were two strangers who had both been married and divorced two times (to other people) and, hoping the third time would be a charm, they each joined Match.com. It wasn’t until Teresa had just about given up on the dating website that she discovered a man she couldn’t turn down.

“I was on Match.com (in) 2007, and I’m going on all these first dates and never any second dates … (with) these guys that are a 67 percent match or 72 percent,” she explained. “I’m just feeling like this is not for me and they send me this guy that’s a 100 percent match, and I thought that can’t be right. There’s nobody that’s a 100 percent match for you!”

Figuring 100-percent compatibility was enough reason to give a guy a chance, Teresa met Earl at Rafferty’s for their first date on August 26, 2007. The following day, the two moved in together.

“She said we’d have another date maybe Saturday,” Earl said. “And then Thursday, (the day after their first date) … she calls and she says, ‘You don’t sound too good; you sound like you need a little TLC.’ So instead of waiting ‘til Saturday, I came over that night and never went home.”

Earl did make one last trip to his old house to pick up his black cat, Ariel, who moved in with Teresa and her cat, Venus, also the color black. “Our cats matched. That’s how we knew it was fate,” Teresa laughed.

The similarities don’t stop with their pets, though. The couple also coordinate their clothing and share the same occupation as realtors. “When we first met, I owned a real estate school and she came hanging around at the school and it’s like, well take the classes!” Earl said.

“I was trying to help him out with the school as sort of a secretary and doing paperwork and that stuff and started sitting in on the classes and got my license,” added Teresa, who had been a mortgage lender prior to her current position.

On June 1, 2009, the couple opened Louisville’s Choice Realty, www.louisvilleschoicerealty.com. Teresa is owner of the company, while Earl is the principle broker, making them both each other’s boss. “The things that he’s strong in, I’m not; and the things I’m strong in, he’s not. Together we make one really good realtor,” Teresa smiled.

With their real estate business, the two are practically together all the time and even show houses, complete full inspections and close their sales side by side.

“We’re not (together) 24 hours, but we are a lot; more than most couples,” Teresa said. “We have fun. It’s not all serious.”

“Being a 100 percent match helps too,” Earl chimed in.

Outside of work, Teresa and Earl can also be found at just about any event in town and host a monthly Monday night outing at El Torazo. They also throw a birthday party every year on the Saturday between their birthdays that just so happen to be 10 days apart.

The pair obviously have a ton in common and share an incredible bond, but they have no desire to walk down the aisle again.

“We’re not technically married, but we’re more married than most married couples that we know,” Teresa said. “We both have been down that road before; we both have grown children. In 2012, we just don’t see the need.”

“The rules for society pretty much have changed,” Earl added. “I’ve been married twice; she’s been married twice, but we’ve been together more in the last four and a half years than I ever was before, and happier too.”

They may not have a marriage license, but they do both wear a ring as a sign of commitment to one another. And, had they not both experienced heartbreak in the past, that commitment wouldn’t be as strong or as sweet as it is now that they’ve finally found each other.

“Going through the bad made me appreciate the good,” Teresa said.

“And going through the bad made me appreciate the Teresa Good,” Earl quipped.


“Do be patient,” Teresa advised.
“Do Match.com!” Earl said.


“When you’re dating, if you haven’t met that person yet, hold out for the very best one. Don’t settle. I settled when I got married and I didn’t realize the very best one was out there,” Teresa said.

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