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| December 15, 2011
photo courtesy of CHRIS HUMPHREYS | staff photographer

photo courtesy of CHRIS HUMPHREYS | staff photographer

It only took Dan Keating seven years to work up the courage to propose to his wife, Jackie, though he knew early on she was the one he wanted to marry.

Dan first met Jackie nine years ago at Dutch’s Tavern after two failed attempts by their families to introduce the young couple to one another.

“I was home from Indiana University one summer nine years ago and my aunt said, ‘You have to meet Dan,’” Jackie said. “At the time, (Dan’s family) had a suite at Slugger Field and I went and met his entire family and he didn’t show up.”

Following the first attempt, Dan attended a barbecue where he met Jackie’s family, but this time, it was Jackie who was absent from the venue.

Finally, it was at Dutch’s, the night Jackie’s uncle performed with his band at the tavern, that Dan and Jackie came face to face.

“I walked in the door, my aunt’s sister handed me a tambourine, pulled me on stage and the rest is history,” Jackie said.

“We went out that night and dated ever since,” Dan said.

Seven years later, Dan’s moment had arrived. It was time for him to step up and ask Jackie to be his wife.

“We were living in Chicago at the time,” Dan said. “We were going to go out and do some Christmas shopping. While we were out, I suggested we go by the Art Institute – Jackie is an art history major and her favorite painting is (‘Paris: A Rainy Day’). We walked through and did a quick lap and finished at the painting.”

As Jackie and Dan stood before the painting, Jackie suddenly had a feeling of what was about to happen.

“He was so calm all day and then right as we were looking at the picture and we were holding hands, all the sudden he started shaking, and I was like this is it.”

Not only did Jackie have an idea the proposal was about to occur, but so did a couple who was watching nearby.

“The cool thing was there was a couple sitting behind us that we didn’t really see and this woman took a picture of the proposal in the middle of it,” Dan said. “She knew what was happening. She stopped after the whole surreal moment and got our contact information and said she’d send us the picture.”

About a year after their wedding on May 30, 2009, Jackie and Dan moved to Louisville, where their families live, after spending five years in Chicago.
Here, Jackie is the chief development officer at Dare to Care food bank, while Dan is the higher-ed sales representative at Office Resources, Inc.

Outside of work, the couple enjoys spending time at Cherokee Park with their three-year-old Goldendoodle, Ralph, and venturing out to various restaurants around town.

“We try to do something different every time,” Dan said. “Mayan Cafe is a great spot and Jack Fry’s. We’ve got a couple of couples that we go out with fairly regularly and we always try a new restaurant every time. Of all the things in Chicago that I miss, restaurants have not been one of them, because Louisville has got a great food scene.”

When they’re not dining out, they also like to cook together. “It’s a team effort,” Dan said. “And, if the cooking is not a team effort, then the cleaning is.”
This dynamic duo also shares an abiding love for IU basketball. And though Jackie claims that beyond that, the pair have very dissimilar interests – including Dan’s love for Michigan football and Jackie’s commitment to boot camp classes at the YMCA in Southern Indiana – one thing you’ll always find the couple doing together is laughing.

“We laugh a lot,” Jackie said. “You’re pretty funny. I find you pretty entertaining,” she said, smiling at Dan.

“I think you have to keep it kind of light for sure,” Dan said. “But, I think communication is definitely the key. I think when you can be your silly self with somebody, that’s a pretty good indicator that it’s going to work. We get each other’s senses of humor. I’m not sure everyone does but we do so that’s good enough.”


“Enjoy where you are,” Jackie said. “I think it’s human nature to always think what’s next. Laugh a lot. Don’t take yourself too seriously. And do get a dog because it’s great entertainment.”


“Don’t forget to fight fair because it never ends well otherwise,” Dan said with a laugh. “And don’t forget that you are in a partnership and that it is work. I think you should put in more effort than you would expect to get out.”

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