Brian and Leslie Rogers

| October 7, 2011

Leslie & BrianOne of the keys of any successful relationship is time spent together, and few couples are together as often as Brian and Leslie Rogers.

For the last seven years, the Rogerses have built a strong, committed relationship with each other, while also working together at their printing and graphic design company, Spectra Imaging, 451 Baxter Ave.

The couple is with one another, “24/7” as Brian explained, and unlike some couples, all that time spent together never grows old.

“We talk about everything,” Brian said. “If I think I need to get another piece of equipment for work, we sit down, we talk. That’s the one thing that has really worked for us.”

We sat down with the couple to talk about their seven-year relationship and find out how the two have continued to walk through life In Tandem every single step of the way.

On their second date.How did you meet?
Seven years ago, Brian found his “soulmate” in Leslie when they met at a Starbucks after finding each other on

“He contacted me first by email,” Leslie said. “I called him and we talked for two-and-a-half or three hours on the phone and he said, ‘Let’s meet at Starbucks,’ and I’m thinking, ‘Well, I don’t drink coffee.’ And then he almost canceled because he had to go to Cincinnati that day. But, we met at Starbucks and just really hit it off.”

“I knew she was my soulmate when we went to Starbucks,” Brian said. “I went up to order and she doesn’t drink coffee. So I’m standing in line and she came over and she kind of grabbed my coat and tugged and whispered, ‘I want that instead.’ And just the way that she did it was so cute, and I was like ‘Oh, man.’ The next day I called her and told her I was taking myself off,” Brian said.

How did he propose?
For the big occasion, Brian took Leslie to a restaurant where he had a surprise awaiting her.

“We went to Z’s Oysterbar and Steakhouse and she said she had to go to the restroom, so when she got up, I put the ring on her plate and when she saw it, that was it.”

How do you make it work on a day-to-day basis?
“Communication,” Leslie insisted. “We talk about everything.”

“It’s really kind of amazing because I have a friend of mine that says I just don’t know if I could be around my wife all the time,” Brian said. “We’re literally together 24/7. We drive here together and drive home together. It’s so wonderful the way that we communicate, even when we’re working long hours, we’ll end up doing something silly and cracking up laughing. We just feel like we’re blessed because we get to work together every day.”

Brian and Leslie on their wedding day.How do you divide up household chores?
“We don’t really divide it up, we just kind of do it together,” Brian said. “Just like here (at work) if the floor needs to be vacuumed, I’ll do it or she does it. If it’s got to be done, we get it done and that’s pretty much it.”

“It’s pretty easy that way,” Leslie said.

Where do you like to go when you’re out ‘n’ about?
“When it gets cooler, his thing is to go riding in the car – he’s got a convertible.” Leslie said with a smile. “And we have fun eating in any of these restaurants on Bardstown Road.”

“We go to different shops, look around, and have lunch,” Brian continued. “If Sunday is nice, we do the same thing, and then it’s back to work on Monday.”

What is one thing you always do as a couple?
The obvious answer would seem to be working together, since the two are together every day at Spectra Imaging. But their time spent together doesn’t stop there.

“Gosh, we just do everything together,” Leslie said.

“We even go to the grocery together,” Brian said.

Do you ever do anything apart?
“He has his little time where he goes out to the garage and cleans his car,” Leslie said. “That’s his time.”

“And hers is taking a nap on the couch,” Brian said with a laugh.

What is some advice you would offer couples – new or old – who desire to walk through life In Tandem?

“To me it’s all about communication,” Brian said. “You’ve got to be up front with your partner, about this is how I am and what I like in life.”

“You have to discuss everything – home, work, everything has to be discussed together,” Leslie added. “You definitely have to be strong, and have broad shoulders and can’t let things get to you.”

Brian with his childern Rachael and Logan.

Brian with his childern Rachael and Logan.

“We kind of lean on one another and that has helped us,” Brian said.


“Again, it’s communication,” Brian said.


“Don’t keep things to yourself,” Leslie advised.
“You can’t bottle things up inside,” Brian added.

Wedding date

June 30, 2006


Brian has two children: Rachael Jolliff, 22, and Logan Rogers, 19. Granddaughter, Olivia Jolliff, is 11 months old.


Bullitt County


Brian is president of Spectra Imaging and Leslie is owner.

Cats or Cards

“Any Florida team,” Leslie joked. “I’m just kidding. If I were to choose, I would choose U of L.” Brian’s choice is also U of L.

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