Angela McCormick Bisig & Arnold Rivera

| February 3, 2011

Angela McCormick Bisig and Arnold Rivera.Relationships are work – aren’t they?

That depends.

Some of the best relationships do take a lot of effort, but Angela McCormick Bisig and Arnold Rivera are proof it doesn’t always have to be that way.

“It was always very natural with us,” said Angela.

“We didn’t have all that wrangling. None,” Arnold affirmed. “It’s just like breathing: It just happens and it’s easy.”

Not that theirs is an infallible union.

They argue, though it took almost a year of dating before they had their first fight, and even then Angela found herself smiling. “As mad as I was, I remember thinking I couldn’t believe it: We even fight the same.”

It helps that the two have always complemented each other well and “run at the same speed in life,” Arnold said. “Nothing is perfect, but you know when someone is perfect for you.”

Angela McCormick Bisig and Arnold Rivera.How did you meet?
Angela and Arnold have known each other peripherally from working in their respective occupations. She invited him to join a group of Spanish speakers for a meal at her Highlands-area home, during which she expressed her dislike about a super-bright – but beautiful – crystal chandelier that hung above the table in the formal dining room. Arnold offered to make the easy fix. Days later he purchased a $3.75 dimmer at Home Depot and installed it. “We hung out the rest of the night,” he said.

How did he propose?
Expert cooks, Arnold and Angela eat most meals they make themselves at home,  – and they almost never, ever go out to brunch.

On Arnold’s birthday last year, he took her to North End Cafe. They ordered mimosas, which tipped off Angela, since she’ll sip a bit of bubbly at brunch on occasion but Arnold “never does. That’s how I knew something was up,” she said.

Added Arnold on how he proposed: “I asked her to make this my most special birthday ever.”

She did.

You’re still newlyweds, but what advice would you offer other couples?
“Laugh a lot. You just have to have fun,” Arnold said.

Really listen to one another, Angela added. Arnold nodded his head. “If you’ve got the love of your life, don’t just listen but really hear them. Make her feel like the most important person in the world -” he stopped to look at his wife, both of them laughing as they finished together “- ever.”

And know that at the core of every disagreement is one fundamental truth: the feeling that your partner didn’t love you enough – so be sure to,  do everything you can to dispel that notion before an argument even begins to arise.

Bride Judge Angela McCormick Bisig and Arnold RiveraWhat’s one thing you do everyday?
“We do P90X together and love it. We always say, “˜I love you,’ when we’re leaving anywhere,” Angela said.

“We sit and have a meal (almost every day). We always debrief and talk (about the day),” Arnold added.

How do you divide up household chores?
“We don’t divide anything. We just do them,” Arnold explained.

For instance, Angela usually does the laundry but often leaves the ironing to her husband, since he’s better at it.

If one person cooks, the other usually cleans – or they’ll do both together.

The key is to make sure there’s an equitable division of work. “You have to feel that things are fair,” Angela said.

That’s never been an issue, said Arnold, because “we just tend to pitch in and do it. We have a seamless operation.”

It doesn’t hurt that the two look at chores as opportunities for togetherness instead of laborious tasks. “We like to spend time with each other because we really like each other,” Arnold said. “It’s like a companion you always have.”

Angela McCormick Bisig and Arnold Rivera.Where do you like to go when you’re out “˜n’ about?
In terms of events, Angela and Arnold look forward to The Voice-Tribune’s annual Best Dressed of Louisville, which was their first major social event they attended together. They also enjoy the yearly Speed Ball.

In warmer weather, it’s not unusual to see the pair catching the Louisville Bats at Slugger Field. They’re also fans of Actors Theatre.

When it comes to eating out, they love Indian food and sushi and frequent Bardstown Road eateries Kashmir and Oishii Sushi.


Sept. 25, 2010.


They have a blended family that includes Lawrence, 16; Lincoln, 14; John Logan, 12; Gracie, 10; and Noah, 5.


Cherokee Gardens.


Angela is a Jefferson District Court Judge. Arnold is a sergeant with the Louisville Metro Police Department.

So sweet

One of the most memorable cards Arnold has ever received came from his wife before they were married and still touches him, as evidenced by the sudden change in his voice and look on his face when he quotes what it says: “I made a wish and you came true.”

Cats or Cards

Cards. Angela and Arnold both graduated from the University of Louisville, “not that we dislike the (University of Kentucky) Wildcats,” she said.

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