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| March 30, 2011

Treinen FamilyWendy Treinen is only half kidding when she says she and her husband, Andy, live out their relationship via text messages and phone calls.

As a morning anchor for WHAS11, Andy gets up early – very, very early – Monday through Friday to co-host “Good Morning Kentuckiana” with Rachel Platt. Wendy then rises, gets herself and the couple’s two children ready for school and phones Andy from the car on her way to the Kentucky Derby Museum, where she works as the director of communications. “We talk while he’s eating his lunch,” she said.

After Andy finishes at the station, he picks the girls up from school, making sure they do their homework while he prepares dinner.

Almost as soon as Wendy arrives home, they all share a quick meal, the two touch base about their children’s homework and then Andy heads off to bed.

The schedule sounds frenetic, painful even, but it gives them each time with their children and has forced them to figure out how best to balance their lives – and they have. In addition to supporting one another in every way possible, they’re also serious about ensuring they spend time as a family while carving out one weekend night each week just for a bit of togetherness one-on-one.

“I’m a lucky boy,” said Andy. “I really am. I consider us very fortunate and very blessed. I’m conscious of that before I go to bed every night.”

Wendy concurs. “He cooks dinner every night. Sometimes not well, but he gets food on the table. He doesn’t buy me flowers, but he does the dishes. Our life works for us.”

Wendy and Andy TreinenHow did you meet?

Andy and Wendy met in Cincinnati in 1998. “It was my first real career job in TV,” she said. “I’d been at the station for a week when he asked me out.”

“Now wait a minute,” Andy said, laughing. “I’d sworn off dating co-workers two years before and had to break my rule.”

Hesitant to date the “sports guy,” Wendy reluctantly agreed to go out with Andy. “We had pretty early chemistry,” he said.

Yes, Wendy agreed, but she also didn’t “want to be known as the girl who was dating the sports guy. I wanted to be respected for who I was and not who I was dating.”

For the better part of a year, the two kept their relationship quiet.

How did you get engaged?

A year after Andy and Wendy had begun dating and developed a close relationship, they went on vacation together – and he proposed.

Stunned, Wendy said “yes” but changed her answer to “maybe” soon after.

“I knew he was the right one,” explained Wendy. “I just didn’t know when.”

Hurt and dumbfounded by her response, Andy swallowed his pride and took a walk on the beach to cool off. “I resisted that temptation to react as any man would,” he said. “Something told me to just hang in there and be patient.”

Andy and Wendy TreinenResigned to wait for Wendy to come around, he also threw out an edict of his own: If Wendy decided she wanted to marry him, she was going to have to ask him.

A couple months later, Wendy did just that.

Andy loved reading Wendy her horoscope each morning. So one day she typed up her wedding proposal, cut it out and pasted it into the horoscope section in that morning’s newspaper.

Once they were engaged – “I said yes, of course,”Andy said. He asked Wendy to describe the celebration of her dreams. “I’d never dreamt of my wedding day. I dreamt of being a foreign correspondent. I hadn’t dreamt of being a bride.”

So the two wed in a historic church in Bloomington, Ind., surrounded by friends. “It was a blast,” said Andy.

Yes, it snowed, but that just made for beautiful photos. “It was so much fun and relaxed,” said Wendy. “Good music, good food.”

Before you landed in Louisville and Wendy took a job in public relations, did you ever work together on TV?

“We anchored a show together – ” she said.

Wendy and Andy Treinen“– it was awful,” Andy finished.

The reason? “You can’t invent small talk,” Wendy said. Since the two spent so much time together out of work, they already knew one another’s happenings.

Today, since Wendy is the most visible face of the Kentucky Derby Museum, she appears on television on occasion, particularly in the weeks leading up to Derby. Every once in awhile that means having to be interviewed by her husband. (Keep an eye out in the days ahead.)

Do you two look forward to Derby, which has to be one of your busiest times of year?

“I look forward to it months ahead of time,” said Wendy. “Now we’re all in. It’s fun. It’s what makes the city so special.”

Added bonus: The Treinens work the same schedule during Derby week, which means “we actually see each other more than any other time,” Andy said. “We even go to bed together during Derby week.”

That is if they sleep much at all. “We’re both just running on adrenaline,” Wendy said, “but we’re not the only ones. Anyone involved in the media or the Derby Festival or Churchill Downs, it’s the same for them too.”

When you have the time to get out ‘n’ about, where do you go?

“Louisville restaurants are just amazing,” Wendy said. “A nice evening out is going to one of the Louisville Originals.”

Among their favorites: Seviche and brunch at Rivue, which is perfect for kids.

“We see shows when my schedule allows it,” said Andy, “or I just suck it up.”

Oftentimes, the couple and their children opt to head out  – their back door, that is. “We do a lot with our neighbors and friends,” Andy said. “We really enjoy backyard grilling and hanging out.”

What’s the key to walking together through life in tandem?

“We have fun together and we have a lot of shared interests,” said Wendy, smiling up at her sports-loving husband. “Now I steal the sports page in the morning.”

The Treinens genuinely like one another, but there’s more. “We have a mutual respect,” Andy said. “I was single in my 20s because I was holding out that there was this idea of who I wanted (to be with). Then she walked into FOX 19 that day, and I couldn’t let (her) slide by.”

Marriage isn’t always easy. It’s a constant balancing act, Wendy said. The two also try to abide by words of wisdom a former neighbor named Chuck once shared, Andy said. “He said, ‘Tell you what: Somebody’s going to tell you marriage is 50-50. That’s bull s–t. It’s 90-10. Sometimes you’re the 90, sometimes you’re the 10. Deal with it.’”

How have your children enhanced your life?

“Our kids keep us sane,” Andy said.

“They remind us of what’s important,” Wendy added.


Oct. 7, 2000.


Daughters Ella, 8, and Mia, 6, and a 13-year-old beagle-German shepherd named Buster.


The Treinens live in a close-knit neighborhood in Eastern Jefferson County.


Wendy is the director of communications for the Kentucky Derby Museum. Andy co-anchors “Good Morning Kentuckiana” with Rachel Platt on WHAS11.

Cats or Cards

“I’m a Hoosier,” said Wendy, Her husband, however, admits to simply being a fan of the sport and rooting for both teams – along with a particular coach. “I love college basketball in general, but I like John Calipari,” Andy laughed. “I like his brash nature.”

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