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| August 17, 2011

girl and her dog walkingI have lived in my current apartment for approximately five months. And in those months, I’ve met a handful of neighboring tenants in the building, but 90 percent of these introductions have occurred in the last few weeks. Why you ask? I just got a dog.

I come from long line of hamster owners – maybe a fish or two – but never anything that wasn’t confined to a cage or tank for most of its existence. It certainly took some convincing on my boyfriend’s part to bring me on board, but dog ownership has granted me access into a club I never knew existed.

This new lifestyle and subsequent recent introductions got me thinking about the benefits dog owners can have in the dating realm.

Active Lifestyle

As an apartment dweller, my dog must do his business and get his exercise on public domain.

So whether it’s a long walk through Cherokee Park or a quick stroll around the block, a trip through the building lobby is required, and I am bound to run into someone along that path.

Not to mention, this routine happens four or five times daily. It occurs rain or shine, heat or cold. It’s not only healthy for me physically, but it offers the opportunity to share a quick “hello” or perhaps more with anyone passing by.

We all know that the key to finding that special someone is putting yourself out there. Having a dog provides that chance in a manner that’s more casual yet personalized than any bar could ever offer.

Instant Icebreaker

If my dog runs up and puts his wet nose against your thigh or loses his mind because your dog is 10 feet away, I will feel compelled to at least say “hi” and acknowledge his behavior.

More often than not, complete strangers will come over and want to pet him. Typically, they inquire about his breed and age and then share about their own dogs even if they aren’t present at the time.

Having a dog has cued more introductions than I would ever feel comfortable making on my own because it’s a conversation starter. Other dog lovers can relate and want to talk about our common ground.

This is a paramount tool to anyone who’s single and looking. Simply having a dog with you can strike up a dialogue with someone you didn’t have the nerve to approach or someone you would have never considered otherwise.

Background Check

In general, dog owners are more likely to be stable, responsible, loving and patient individuals. The act simply requires it.

It’s a test in selflessness to own a dog and while the efforts don’t go unreciprocated, there is a laundry list of steps to dog care that include: multiple daily walks, even in inclement weather; boarding or finding a sitter during vacations; and all of the expenses that are incurred from food and gear.

So maybe owning a dog is not your thing, but looking for dog owners could shed some insight into a person’s core values.

Dog ownership is a commitment and those who do it well, generally speaking, have the fundamental characteristics of a good mate.

So I’m not suggesting you go out and buy a dog to use as a wingman if you’re not a dog lover. But whether it’s the daily routines of dog ownership or just observation of those who own dogs, there’s something for everyone when it comes to dogs and dating.

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  1. Beth Green says:

    If you ever need to be away from your fur-kid and want him to be able to stay in his environment and not a kennel, give me a call at 5020-802-5052. I’m a professional pet-sitter/dog-walker.