The Key to Exercise is Fun

| September 21, 2011
Rugged Maniac

Some members of Team ProFormance after completing the Rugged Maniac

Of course if you ask my parents, dad and stepmom, they would say that statement is an oxymoron. I’m sure a lot of people feel that way. The reality is everyone enjoys different things, you just have to figure out what works best for your lifestyle.

There are lots of various ways to get exercise. Now, when I use the word exercise, I am referring to having an elevated heart rate for an extended period of time, ideally about 30 continuous minutes. Walking your dog could be an excellent source of exercise. Unfortunately, I see more overweight dogs than not which means not only are they probably not getting their necessary exercise but they are also being over fed. An overweight dog usually has overweight parents. This goes for kids as well. It is a parent’s responsibility to make sure their kids and pets are taken care of and raised properly, not the school or dog walker. Get out and have fun with your kids and dog. Make it a point to walk every night if that is all you have time for. Rain or shine, don’t make excuses. Kids love water so don’t be scared to go out and play in the rain. More than likely they will love it and you will be setting a great example of exercise and fun.

Another good excuse for a walk may be to go get some ice cream after dinner. This may sound a little silly to some or maybe you’re wondering why I’m suggesting this. I used to live about 2 miles from a Dairy Queen and I made it a rule that if we were going to eat there, we had to walk there and back. I’m not a crazy dad by any means who doesn’t let his kids have sweets or makes them workout every day. My firm belief is moderation. Everything in life works well with moderation. I’m much less likely to stuff myself with a large Blizzard knowing I’m walking home afterward. Think of the number of times you have gotten up from the table at a restaurant and you’re stuffed. You ask your wife to roll you to the car and then carry you to the couch when you get home. If you knew you had to walk home I doubt you would have eaten the same amount.

There are always lots of ways to get your exercise, you just have to make it a priority. I am fairly competitive so I like to sign up for different local races. That way I’m always training for something. Even if you’re not very competitive there are a lot of different races around town that are super fun. Myself along with about 40 of our Boot Campers recently competed in a race in Paoli. It was an absolute blast! Several of the people had to be coerced into trying it but after the race everyone expressed how much they loved it. Even those that were scared to try it loved it. It was a 3 mile race through mud on the ski slopes with about 20 obstacles along the way. Afterwards we all hung out and celebrated as we cheered on other competitors.

Usually finding friends and family to hold you accountable or participate with, work the best. You must first make the decision for yourself. Second, think about what you enjoy doing, whether it’s sports, walking, hiking, biking swimming or canoeing. Get out and get busy. If not for yourself, do it for the health of your family members and pets.  30 minutes a day is a must.

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Bert Kremer
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I have 10 years experience as a Personal Trainer. I have nationally accredited certifications through NSCA-CSCS and ACE. In 2003 I met Cary Cox and he already had the same visions that I did. We didn’t want people sitting around reading magazines on machines. Our past experience from the big box gyms helped us realize we wanted something different. We were looking for real results in a private atmosphere where intimidation doesn’t exist. ProFormance Fitness has grown from the original facility three times. The latest addition added another 5000 sq/ft to keep up with demand. We are fortunate to have amazing trainers and lots of energetic clients.
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