Fun in the Sun Workout

| October 10, 2011

If you’re looking to take full advantage of the gorgeous weather we’ve been having then take your workout outside.  Grab an exercise band and go for a run or a bike ride.  Set out to do a 30 minute workout.  Anyone can get away for 30 minutes whether it’s at lunch or after you’re done with work.  Every 10 minutes stop running or riding and perform one round of the exercises below, for a total of 3 rounds.  This will provide you with your daily cardio needs and some extra strength training.  Now quit looking out your office window and go.

All reps should be done slow and controlled.  After completing 20 reps on each exercise hop back on your bike and ride or run for 10 more minutes until it’s time to do the next round.

20 Lunges on each leg- Place band under front foot.  Rest it across your shoulders while keeping your elbows elevated.  Drop back knee towards ground while maintaining your front knee over your ankle and not letting it go past your toe.  Perform 20 reps of your knee touching the ground then switch to your other leg.

20 Shoulder Press- Step on band with your back foot.  Then, step through the band and raise it up to shoulder height.  Press above head until arms are fully extended.  As you lower your arms pull your hands out wide into the shape of a goal post.  Squeeze your shoulder blades together every time you lower your arms.

20 Overhead Tricep Extensions-  From the same position as the shoulder press, but you will take an underhand grip on the band.  Keep your elbows raised directly above your shoulders.  Only lower your hands as far down as they will go.  Then raise them back to the starting position fully extended above head.

20 Back Rows- Place the band around your feet with the necessary tension.  If you grab the band tighter by choking up on it, the tension will be harder.  Balance on your butt while maintaining an upright posture.  Fully extend your arms each rep then pull your hands to your ribs while squeezing your shoulder blades together.

20 Balanced Bicep Curls –  From the same position as the rows, hold your elbows up high with fully extended arms.  This is the starting position.  Pull your hands into your face while keeping your elbows up.

No way this can’t cheer up your day!

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