Best Dressed: This Year’s Winners

| August 28, 2011

The votes were cast. The people have spoken.

This year’s Best Dressed, Presented by Churchill Downs, was held Saturday, August 27 at the downtown Marriott. It was a gala event, with everyone having a splendid time.

Congratulations to both with winners and the nominees.

The Voice-Tribune is proud to announce the 2011 Best Dressed winners:

John & Elizabeth Lenihan
Bryan & Margi Sperry
Chad & Chelle Wabrek

Craig Pishotti
John Wilson
Bryen Pinkard
Michael Trager-Kusman

Michele Beam
Ashley Blevins
Vicki Dortch
Claudia Coffey
Lori Robbins
Amy Cimba
Jessica Green

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