Voice-Tribune Website & Mobile Platforms Rebooted

| August 26, 2011

With The Voice-Tribune’s annual Best Dressed now history, Louisville put on its best and showed off.

We decided The Voice’s website, www.voice-tribune.com, needed a facelift as well. So, in honor of Best Dressed, we’ve rebooted our website with a cleaner look, more insightful information and more ways to keep tabs on what’s happening in Louisville.

Additionally, we have revamped the mobile platform, so if you have a smartphone, visit us and see the difference.

In the coming weeks, we will be expanding our digital realm with daily content updates and expanded functionality.

One of the first changes you’ll notice is when you visit The Voice’s website on your smartphone.

We have a new look for all major mobile devices, iPhones, Blackberry’s and Android-based devices. You can view all our content from your phone wherever you are.

FaceBook or twitter fanatic? You can also follow us on FaceBook as well as see our tweets by tapping an icon.

Join the discussions about our stories by using our new commenting function and see what others are saying, all from your phone.

In short, we’re bringing The Voice-Tribune to you — anyway you want it.

Thanks for visiting, and please hang around. We’re glad you’re here.

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