The Bard’s Town 2013 Season

Theatre in Louisville will be alive and–and will thrive–at The Bard’s Town Theatre in 2013, with 21 theatrical productions over the course of 52 weeks.

In addition to The Bard’s Town Theatre’s own 7-production season (to be announced December 2012), The Bard will play host to productions by Le Petomane Theatre Ensemble, Finnigan Productions, Louisville Repertory, Bottoms Up Productions, Baby Horse Theatre Group, El Delirio Producciones, Wayward Actors Company, Coffee Cup Theatre Company, and Ashlee Street.

“We’ve run out of space,” Bard’s Town Theatre Executive Director Doug Schutte says. “When first starting out, I constantly babbled about wanting to do a new show every two weeks and create a full 52 weeks of theatre. This fall, I realized we would never need to do that. There are so many theatre companies making such wonderful work that we can simply do our season for 20 weeks, and hand over the keys for the rest. It is, quite simply, a fabulous time to be working in theatre in Louisville.”

The 2013 calendar will look like this:

January 4 & 11, Intoxico: A Carnival of Decision by Baby Horse Theatre Group.

January 17-27, Bottoms Up Productions presents Nick and Corey Tell Some Stories.

January 31 to February 3, University of Louisville student Lauren Street produces her play Grande Finale, the winner of the 2012 Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival’s David Shelton Award for Playwriting.

February 6-17, Le Petomane Theatre Ensemble returns to The Bard’s Town for another season of some of the most thought-provoking and entertaining work in Louisville.

February 21 to March 3, The Bard’s Town Theatre opens its 2013 season—a season packed to the brim with 7 productions of new American plays.

March 14-23, Louisville Repertory returns to The Bard’s Town for a two-week run.

March 28-30, Baby Horse Theatre Group performs “Theatre Prevention.”

April 4-13, Finnigan Productions remounts its highly successful Finnigan Festival of Funky Fresh Fun (ten-minute play festival).

April 18-27, El Delirio Producciones begins its season at its new home, bringing Spanish language theatre to Louisville.

May 9-19, The Bard’s Town Theatre performs its second show of the 2013 season.

May 30-June 9, Le Petomane is back at it again.

June 20-30, The Bard’s Town Theatre performs its third show of the 2013 season.

July 11-21, Wayward Actors Company produces the first of its two shows at The Bard’s Town in 2013.

July 25-August 4, The Bard’s Town Theatre performs its fourth show of the 2013 season.

August 8-17, Coffee Cup Theatre Company presents All in the Timing.

September 12-22, The Bard’s Town Theatre performs its fifth show of the 2013 season.

September 25-October 5, Le Petomane is back at it again…again!

October 11-20, Wayward Actors Company performs its second play.

October 24-November 3, The Bard’s Town Theatre performs its sixth show of the 2013 season.

November 7-16, El Delirio brings its second Spanish language play to The Bard.

December 12-22, The Bard’s Town Theatre produces its seventh show, a holiday play that is sure to be perfect for the season…and perfectly ridiculous.

Event Details

Date: Jan 4, 2013
Starts: 12:00 AM | Ends: 12:00 AM
The Bard’s Town
1801 Bardstown Road
Louisville, Ky