Meet the Professor Lecture Series

The University of Louisville’s College of Arts and Sciences and Liberal Studies Project is holding a monthly Meet the Professor lecture series to highlight the college’s research and cultural offerings. On Jan. 10 the topic will be “Rethinking the Place of Congress in the 21st Century,” with Jasmine Farrier, associate professor of political science and author of “Congressional Ambivalence: The Political Burden of Constitutional Authority” and “Passing the Buck: Congress, the Budget and Deficits.” She will talk about how Congress has contributed to its own diminished stature during the last century and how it needs to re-establish its constitutional place. The Thursday luncheon talks begin at noon in the University Club, 200 East Brandeis Ave. Reservations are required with $14 payment in cash or check. To reserve a spot, call 502.852.2247 or email no later than the Monday before the event.

Event Details

Date: Jan 10, 2013
Starts: 12:00 PM | Ends: 1:00 PM
the University Club,
200 East Brandeis Ave.
Louisville, Ky

Phone: 502.852.2247