Louisville Wonderland

As you enter the rabbit hole of Wonderland, your artistic dreams are filled with sensory sounds and sights from every direction. The event is held every second Thursday of the month at The Vernon Club,1575 Story Ave., and the 4-hour experience is hosted by Ray Smerlin. Doors open at 7:15 p.m., the early stage show begins at 8, the intimate shows begin at 9 and the late stage show begins promptly at 10 pm. The evening begins with a stage show featuring magicians, comedians and other variety acts from around the world. Following this, groups of people can experience sleight-of-hand magic in an intimate setting in The Close Up Parlor. In the Tea Leaf Room, watch as your life is read from the palm of your hand. Live music and dancing is provided on stage. Throughout the night, the club is surrounded with live painters, sculptors and ambient performers. After a final bow from all of the Wonderland players, the patrons mingle with performers and network with industry aficionados. Admission is free with a required two drink minimum. Find information and reservations at www.LouisvilleWonderland.com.

Event Details

Date: Mar 14, 2013
Starts: 7:15 PM | Ends: 11:00 PM
The Vernon Club
1575 Story Ave.
Louisville, Ky

Website: www.LouisvilleWonderland.com