Your Morning Voice • Oct. 26, 2011

| October 26, 2011

Grab your cup of java and settle in for a moment. Below you’ll find a few tidbits that will keep you on top of what’s going on from here to Hollywood — and in between — in this, our inaugural edition of Your Morning Voice:

We’re all for animal rights, but suing Sea World on behalf of whales?? And for violation of the 13th Amendment? We predict a wave of debates ahead.

Oh, T.O. We used to watch you on VH1 — at least until you attended the Kentucky Derby with your reality show and then used much of the episode to dog us with every stereotype possible about the Bluegrass State. (So original.) Now who’s watching? No one — except those who wanted to be the first to report on how karma appears to be kicking your almost cartoonish but admittedly finely-muscled can.

Does anyone really care whether Jessica Simpson is pregnant? Hmmm…stay tuned. But plenty of people have weighed in on the feet-dangling photo she took of herself in the loo. For the record, many of us have been there too, we’ve just refrained from telling the world.

Jim Carrey’s daughter files for divorce. Wait — what?! Jim Carrey has a daughter? Yep. And a gorgeous one at that.

Could we all just puh-leeze back up off Jennifer Aniston? By the way, I gained two pounds, too — how about you? — but no one is talking about it. Oh, except my trainer, Bert Kremer, though he didn’t name me by name — except when tagging me in his Facebook post. Doesn’t feel good. Trust me. Now keep reading while I drop and do 20.

And finally, need a reason to indulge in a cupcake or 20? Introducing the Breeders’ Cupcake, a sweet treat benefitting Louisville’s KIDS Center, a nonprofit that is doing amazing things for kids.

That’s all for now. Have a great day!


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