Your Morning Voice • Nov. 1, 2011

| October 31, 2011

It’s November already?! Time flies when you’re getting old having fun, and we are. Grab a cup of java — or take a sip of ours — and get warm. Then, settle in for this edition of Your Morning Voice…

• We hate starting out the day with sad news, but this is important. Thank you, ear X-tacy, for your 26 years in our community.

• In case you didn’t hear — and if you didn’t, we applaud you — Kim Kardashian filed for divorce and Jessica Simpson is indeed pregnant. We’ve opted not to link to any outside stories on this one, since we know you care about as much as we do. (Truth be told, we couldn’t link to any sites reporting this news since so many people apparently do care and the sites carrying said important info have been crashing. Really, America? WTH?! Wait, now we can link. Check this out. Oh, and this, too.)

• Gangs in the military?! Yikes.

• We’ve been watching the hubbub about “Tattoo Barbie” and just don’t get the controversy. We gave our Barbies buzz cuts, mohawks and Magic Marker tattoos, and at least one of us used to black out a tooth or two. When we were kids, if our parents thought a toy was inappropriate, they wouldn’t buy it for us. Woah. Now there’s a novel concept.

This Trinity High School commercial never gets old. We love.

• Oh, thank goodness! Adele is going to be OK. The 2011 Singer of the Year doesn’t have throat cancer, as was rumored, and should be back to making mad music in no time.

This writer is heavier than her husband. So what, right? Wrong, at least according to her and a new study that will help immensely in the ongoing body image battle. (Please note the sarcasm intended.)

• It’s Breeders’ Cup week in Louisville, and we have plenty of reasons why you should attend if you’re anywhere near the River City.

Have a terrific Tuesday! We’ll see you again tomorrow.


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