Tale of Two Sisters: Part Seven

| August 10, 2011
Lisa Thermen

Lisa Thermen

As Lisa Thermen’s eight-week weight loss journey comes to a close, she and her sister, life coach Stacey Vicari, have found themselves reflecting on some of their amazing triumphs during Thermen’s stay in Louisville.

When I checked in with the sisters, they eagerly informed me that Thermen has shed an amazing 36 pounds. Though she never had a specific number she wanted to lose, this week marked a major triumph.

“Last week I wanted to lose three pounds because then I’d be at the weight I was before I had my first son 21 years ago,” Thermen explained. “Well, this week I lost five.”

Now that she is the thinnest and probably the fittest she’s been in more than 21 years, Thermen is focused on what she needs to accomplish before she goes home and how she plans on maintaining her new lifestyle when she returns to Chicago on Aug. 13.

“You know that exhilaration when you’re ready to go home?” Vicari said. “You want to make it all count because you’re counting down and you’re excited to go home but you’re also excited to get as much done as you can before you leave.”

And Thermen has all the tools to accomplish her goals during her final week and beyond.

With the encouragement of her sister, Thermen continues to exercise every day, attending Jazzercise class in the morning and walking at night. She’s found some beautiful areas of Louisville for her afternoon walks. In fact, she described Cherokee Park as one of her favorite places in Louisville.

“Cherokee Park is really quiet and I can walk at my own pace,” Thermen said. “The hills help. Where I come from, everything’s kind of flat.”

Thermen also had time to go out with her sister without the focus being totally on exercise. She is on a vegan diet and Vicari sticks to a mostly raw foods diet, but they found Louisville to be well-equipped to fit their needs.

“It’s kind of tricky because where we eat is largely determined by what I eat,” Vicari said. “My diet is far more restrictive than hers. I love eating at City Café because they have a really healthy salad. But they’ve had really great vegan options for Lisa.”

“You know, they might put cheese on the top, and I just tell them don’t put it on there,” Thermen interjected. “They’ve been great with my requests.”

Thermen also found California Pizza Kitchen to be a good option for her. She enjoyed the gluten-free veggie pizza without cheese.
Though she wasn’t vegan before, Thermen has found the diet that leaves out meat, dairy and bread “95 percent of the time” to be the best fit for her when it came to losing weight.

So far the sisters have worked together to help Thermen accomplish her goals and then some. How was it living with each other for eight weeks straight?

They both laughed at the question. “Everybody asks that,” the two said simultaneously.

“I really love living alone,” Vicari explained. “I like doing things on my own schedule. So I wasn’t really sure. But it’s been delightful. We were talking about that just today, how she’s ready to go back because she misses her family and I sort of miss the schedule and the freedom I have of living alone. But it’s been really good for our relationship, and we’ve gotten along really, really well.”

Thermen explained that though they’re different – she described herself as much more easy-going than her sister – being with each other has complemented their personalities.

It turns out the past seven weeks have not only improved Thermen, but have also helped Vicari to slow down and “be more present,” as she described it.

“I’ve gotten maybe half as much done this summer as I maybe would have otherwise,” Vicari joked. “But it’s good!”

Check back next week for Thermen’s final weight and her incredible “before and after” pictures.

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