Tale of Two Sisters: Part Six

| August 3, 2011
Sisters Stacey Vicari and Lisa Thermen.

Sisters Stacey Vicari and Lisa Thermen.

As Lisa Thermen’s sixth lifestyle-changing week comes to a close, she’s noticing changes in her physical appearance, her energy and the number on the scale.

Thermen has lost 31 pounds since deciding to move in with her sister, life coach Stacey Vicari, for eight weeks here in Louisville. They’ve had some struggles along the way, but the end result seems to be well worth the effort.

“Before, it was hard to see it, but now I’m now I’m starting to,” Thermen said. “My clothes are a lot baggier, my wedding ring is looser and my face isn’t as puffy.”

Thermen had quite the successful week. She’s getting used to her diet and after some struggles with her energy levels, she’s finding herself livelier than in past weeks.

Although she now works out twice a day – Jazzercise in the morning and walks at night – she’s no longer feeling the fatigue she faced early on in her process.

“I’m noticing that I’m able to stay up longer,” she said. “I’m not sleeping as much either.”

Next up for Thermen will be her transition back home. Her eight-week journey is coming to an end and she’s looking forward to reuniting with her husband and two sons back in Chicago.

“Although it’s not stressing me out or anything, it’s been six weeks!” she said. “I miss my family.”

Lisa Thermen.

Lisa Thermen.

While Thermen can’t wait to get home and jump back into her daily routine, she knows maintaining her new diet and exercise routine won’t be easy. Luckily, she explained, her husband supports her and is ready to face some new challenges.

“My husband and I are looking for some place to work out so that I can continue to work out every day,” Thermen said. “I also spent all of last week going through cookbooks, looking for recipes I can incorporate at home.”

A self-proclaimed serial list-maker, Thermen explained that she’s started making lists of items to buy at Whole Foods. She plans to stock her fridge and pantry with healthy staples that are nutritious and filling.

She also has begun to look at healthy alternatives for food she normally buys. For example, she now looks for agave nectar as opposed to regular sugars.

However, Thermen isn’t packing her bags just yet. She knows she’s still got two weeks left to work hard.

“My goal next week is to build up my calorie count and make sure that every day I eat the right stuff and the right amount,” she said.

We can’t wait to see what next week brings for Thermen and Vicari, but we know it’ll definitely be something positive. Since day one, Thermen has had the same goal in mind.

“I didn’t have a weight goal when I came here. It was just to change my diet and to go from buying clothes in the plus-size section to the regular women’s section,” Thermen said. “My last week here, I’m gonna try to go shopping.”

Check back next week for an update on Thermen’s exercise routine, eating habits and – hopefully – new wardrobe.

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