A Tale of Two Sisters: Part Four

| July 13, 2011

By Jim Littlefield-Dalmares
Special to The Voice-Tribune

SistersThis week I checked in on sisters Lisa Thermen and Stacey Vicari for The Voice-Tribune to see how week three of their eight-week odyssey was going.

The theme for the week is still one of adjustment. Last week the girls compromised to include more than just raw foods into Lisa’s diet. A trip to Whole Foods brought them whole-grain pastas, brown rice, beans, some healthy bars and more.

Lisa tried to alter her eating schedule to eat three meals a day and snacks, more like at home and less like her sister who tends to “graze” all day. This went well until the end of the week when a new roadblock was thrown in their path.

Remember how mom always said to eat your vegetables, and we know Stacey eats plenty of them. Well the taste buds went on strike and turned against the plant kingdom.

“I haven’t quite figured out why, but this week I just didn’t want to eat vegetables, even ones I used to eat at home,” explained Lisa. This was a wrinkle the pair had not expected, and are honestly adjusting to work through.

“It’s part of a process when you go from eating burgers, fries and fast food to eating this,” Stacey said. “I think she is still finding her way in this new way of eating.”

Next week the assignment is to read through Stacey’s many vegetarian and vegan (no meat, no dairy, no eggs) cookbooks to find enticing recipes they can learn to make together.

On the exercise front, things are much better.

“I used to work a lot of hours and at the end of the day just found myself so tired that I did not exercise at all,” Lisa said. For the past three weeks, she has been going to morning Jazzercise about five times a week and walking two or three times a week on top of that.

So as they enter week four, the journey is still one of steps forward, then roadblocks, then regrouping and adjusting the plan. The good news: Lisa is not feeling drawn to old foods that did not serve her well. She also is exercising a lot more and losing weight.

“I notice it when I look in the mirror and see my face,” she explained. “I also can feel it in how my clothes are fitting.”

The scale is seeing it too. So far she’s shed 21 pounds. But their journey is far from over. A lesson to all of is that it’s not the roadblocks put in our path that matter, but how we choose to react to them. This pair is committed to moving forward, no matter what comes their way.

Jim Littlefield-Dalmares is a nonprofit fundraising and marketing professional who has been a friend of Stacey Vicari’s since they met at the Indiana University School of Business in 1989. The two worked together for years as both volunteers and staff to build the group EarthSave, a nonprofit dedicated toward teaching people to move toward a plant-based diet.

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