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| March 30, 2011
Kelly MacFarland for Sunny Daize Boutique.

Kelly MacFarland for Sunny Daize Boutique.

With bikini weather on our doorsteps, fast-fix diet trends seem to follow. Promises of extreme weight loss draw dieters to fad diets like a magnet.

We’ve all heard a similar phrase: “Lose 10 pounds in 10 days.” It’s hard to resist such promises when the last diet didn’t pan out. On the quest for a slimmer physique, dieters have been known to go to extreme lengths. When a healthy diet and exercise just aren’t enough, we have a tendency to turn to the latest, greatest and often strangest weight-loss plans, hoping one will finally do the trick.

Most of us are well aware that fad diets don’t work, but we are still willing to take the plunge when the next diet comes our way. We live in a society that is obsessed with a quick fix, no matter what our endeavor may be.

Everywhere you look – magazines, newspapers, TV, even the kiosk at the mall – you are likely to encounter someone trying to sell you on a so-called miracle diet. Fad diets often set up parameters around programs that are supposed to be followed for a certain amount of time. Most of us are well aware that these diets are unsustainable, and the weight almost always comes creeping back on. Regardless of what we know about fad diets, we are all trying to fit in the clothes we wore years ago. So why do we keep doing it? Is it the fact that a lifestyle change seems out of our reach?

Just to clarify, the images that are plastered all over magazines and billboards are not my world of reality. Getting fit should not be defined by Hollywood’s standards, but rather feeling good and healthy in your own jean size. People come in all different shapes and sizes, and finding the ideal size for you is one that is right for your body type and size. Feeling healthy includes every aspect of your health: physical, mental and emotional. Taking care of yourself is incredibly important to being a healthy person.

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