Longing for the good old days

| December 9, 2010

“Hurry up get out of the way.”

“What the heck is taking so long?”

“I can’t believe they put me on hold.”

Any of those phrases sound familiar to you? I know they have spewed out of my mouth a time or two. No one likes to wait.

Technology has spoiled us, making communication instantaneous. Writing letters to family and friends seem like the Stone Age now. Remember the days of traveling to your favorite vacation spot and sending a postcard with a beautiful picture of where you were?

These days pictures are uploaded instantly for the world to view on Facebook. We instantly hear about what’s going on in the lives of our friends, relatives or even random acquaintances. Mailed invitations and birthday wishes also have declined drastically.

E-vites are changing the way we are invited to events. The Internet, cell phones, microwaves, fast food, drive-up ATMs, Twitter and credit cards are intended to speed up the pace in which we use them.

Do you ever sit back and reminisce about how things use to be? Remember the good old days when the only way for someone to get in touch with you quickly was to call you? All you had to do if you didn’t want to speak with anyone was not answer. Remember going to school and not being able to communicate with the outside world unless there was an emergency? Nowadays you can travel across the globe and stay in constant contact with people.

Technology continues to transform our lives, and whether you like it or not, it seems imperative not to be left in the dark. It’s all around us, everywhere we go and in everything we do. It makes things easier and faster. It is fantastic that technology has brought us such conveniences, but I sometimes miss the good ole days!

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