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| August 10, 2011

PandoraThis week I caught up with Josh Koerber, owner of Pandora of Louisville, which is sponsoring The Voice-Tribune’s Best Dressed of Louisville Presented by Churchill Downs.

The jewelry store sells earrings, rings, watches, pendants and its signature charm bracelets in the Mall St. Matthews.

Pandora Jewelry has become increasingly popular. What are some of the keys to your success?
Pandora has indeed continued to climb toward the top, currently situated as the third largest jewelry company in the world. What makes this jewelry line so popular is the way it taps into the emotions of the people giving and receiving it. Pandora has such a vast selection that it’s nearly impossible not to find something for everyone’s taste and budget.

PandoraHow would you describe Pandora Jewelry to someone who is unfamiliar with it?
Pandora Jewelry is a fabulous line of interchangeable earrings and rings, watches and pendants, and the signature charm bracelet that is designed for women who want something luxurious, but shop with value in mind. Each piece of this handmade yet affordable jewelry is created in a way that allows you easily to change the look of it at home, in literally a few seconds, to suit your wardrobe or your personality!

What separates Pandora Jewelry from other jewelry chains?
Each Pandora store is individually owned by people within that very community, making it more of a “locally-owned” store than a dreaded “chain” store. I was raised in the jewelry business and was taught at a very young age that unbeatable customer service is the key to building a strong profitable business. I’ve taken these lessons and applied them to everything we do at Pandora, making it an extremely enjoyable place to shop when you’re celebrating any one of life’s precious moments.

I am often present in our store to ensure that my team treats my clients the same way I do. You definitely won’t get that level of respect and attention at a chain store, and that’s something I’m very proud of. The other obvious difference between us and the other jewelry stores in the mall is the quality of our products. Our jewelry is fashioned from the finest materials and is made to last a lifetime. It’s a difference you’ll see immediately when you try on your first piece of handcrafted Pandora Jewelry.

PandoraThe Voice-Tribune is thrilled to have Pandora as one of our Best Dressed sponsors. What makes this partnership a perfect fit for Pandora?
The Voice Tribune’s Best Dressed event is one of Louisville’s premier annual charity events that we are extremely excited to be a part of as well. As a local business owner, it’s always made me very proud to stand up with other community leaders for such great causes. And of course Pandora is fashion, so what better place for us to spend an evening than with the city’s most fashionable men and women!

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