Digital memories

| March 10, 2011

Best Dressed 2010There is nothing like capturing a memory with a photograph or a video. You can capture the essence of a holiday, birthday, event, party or even a passing moment with a simple snap of a button. As technology has evolved, so has the quality of digital photography and video. In an instant, a memory is forever lodged in a memory chip somewhere in that palm-sized device that fits neatly in your pocket.

Not only has the technology improved (as the size of these gadgets have shrunk), the resources to share and organize photographs and related media have become more readily available, easy to use, and affordable. Some are event free.

Breeders Cup Fashion $5kThe most commonly used tool to share photos and videos is Facebook. It recently added extra privacy settings so you can choose who can and cannot view your latest gathering. Snapfish, Picassa and Shutterfly are also wonderful options to view, organize and even order prints of your most recent memories. In fact, Snapfish has a feature that allows you to order prints online that you can pick up at your nearest Walgreen’s.

My 15 year-old son is a master of the art of media sharing. He posts pictures and videos to Facebook, tagged with names of his friends, all with a few clicks on his iPhone!

Night Racing at Churchill DownsI bought my first Apple iMac in 2008, and couldn’t resist the urge for a Macbook for my job, and then recently picked up the iPhone. The ability to organize my family trip albums and event memories – and prepare copies on CDs for my friends and family is an added value of iPhoto. Since I adopted this technology, I now have instantly, accessible visual diaries that I can share of my fondest memories: my annual family trip to the lake; going to Sundance with my girlfriends; my son’s Bar Mitzvah; my brother’s wedding in Sonoma; and let’s not forget Night Racing at Churchill Downs, New Year’s Eve and Best Dressed of Louisville.

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