Black Friday veterans share their tales

| December 1, 2011

If you’re like most Americans, the day after Thanksgiving provides some of the most ruthless shopping one can endure in a lifetime.

Most veteran shoppers on Black Friday grab friends or force family members to wake up and help grab all the deals they can.

Do you get a rush when you purchase something?

When you swipe your credit card, hit the “yes” button on the machine, and then sashay with your just- bought treasures.

It’s no surprise that we can get this rush, just like any other pleasurable activity, shopping can spur an immediate feel-good feeling in us.

I’ve always been intrigued by some of those you-gotta-be-kidding-me deals the big chain stores promise.

Whether we need something or not, the thrill of the hunt or the excitement of getting the best deal is enough for most of us to get up and at it early on Black Friday.

I caught up with some experienced Black Friday shoppers to share some of the tricks of the trade.

Share your Black Friday experience.
Black Friday shopping is a fun tradition. I go every year with my family … trying to get the best deals. The hustle, bustle and crowds are half the holiday fun!
— Caroline King

After savvy savings over the last 6 months, I camped out in front in front of a big box store for five hours until opening.

I brought hand warmers, blankets, leftovers, an ipod and a beach chair. I WAS PREPARED TO WAIT IT OUT.

Finally the doors open.  I had my eye on the wide-screen TV deal.

My parents were going to be ecstatic as I landed this big fish. I proudly reached into my purse, pride switched to panic as realization hit that while I remembered turkey sandwich and hand warmers, I forgot the most important element to this endeavor.

My secret stash of cash was left out in the car in the glove box. Needless to say the folks standing in line behind me were not thrilled as I ran to get my cash.
— Ellie Johnson  

What advice would you give someone who is attempting his or her first Black Friday outing?
You must have a plan! Always look through the newspaper and do some “extreme Christmas couponing” before your shopping adventure begins!
— Caroline King

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Great article! I can relate!!!! Lots of smiles! xoxoxo