Black Friday: I’ll leave it to the pros

| November 17, 2011

Crowd in a mall.For many Americans, as soon as they digest their Thanksgiving Day turkey and before dessert is served, it’s time to think about holiday shopping.

Strategic planning has typically been going on for weeks on how to score the most coveted item of the season.

Black Friday is when retailers across the country open in the wee-hours of the morning and dangle deep discounts to lure customers out of bed.

Some deal-seekers have been known to camp out in front of the store and show up in pajamas.

It’s the time of year when dodging cars on Shelbyville Road can be a true test of someone’s driving skills.

Just the thought of Holiday shopping can be stressful.

The only way I survive and completely avoid the risk of the mall “mauling” that comes along with holiday shopping is to avoid the mall like the plague during the holiday season.

However, I realize it’s nearly impossible to follow this handy bit of advice, because I, like most of us, am a glutton for punishment!

It’s just not in the master plan to have a calm, sane, stress-free holiday season. I will absolutely at some time go to the mall and be stomped, trampled, cursed and otherwise be abused.

Black Friday is less about deals and more about the phenomenon and camaraderie.

For many families, it’s a Thanksgiving tradition as rich as turkey, stuffing or pumpkin pie.

You know Black Friday shopping is not about getting things you need. Well, for most of us. It’s a social thing to shop that day.

Rise before the crack of dawn the morning after the holiday, wait for the stores to open and start hunting down the so-called bargains.

I have never really bothered getting all crazy about Black Friday shopping. This year will be no different than years past. I usually sleep in due to too much tryptophan in Thanksgiving turkey.

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