A picture lasts a lifetime

| January 20, 2011
Friends wore red wigs in honor of Stephen Irwin at his 50th birthday party.

Friends wore red wigs in honor of Stephen Irwin at his 50th birthday party.

Life can change in an instant, for better or worse, and typically with little warning. This past weekend as many of us laid to rest one of our dearest friends, Stephen Irwin, hundreds gathered to listen to the most beautiful eulogys I’ve heard and to watch a video montage that depicted the artist’s life.

I was completely blown away by the photos that captured the playful, silly, colorful, natural, serene and spirited moments in which he lived. It was then that I realized the significance of taking pictures and capturing the moment. As much as we would like to think we would remember a special moment forever, the sad truth is that most of our memories fade with time.

There isn’t a mother I know who hasn’t confessed to falling short of her duties of playing a photographer to her second or third child. In most cases, it is done unconsciously, and years pass until we come to recognize the discrepancy.

Photos are a link to our past. There are a lot of moments and memories captured in our lives that we might forget if we didn’t have pictures of them. They’re also a reminder that life moves on, time goes by, people grow old and people die.

Irwin and Friends.It’s astonishing how important the pictures become of someone in your life who has died. The pictures become priceless treasures that are irreplaceable.

Reminiscing and combing through my old photos secures a sense of bond and history I share with family and friends. In most cases, the images always put a smile on my face and take me back to that special moment in time. It’s always nice to have the pictures to go with all the fun and crazy times that we’ve shared together. So this weekend, I updated my New Year’s resolution to last a lifetime.

I intend to take more pictures! There are plenty of everyday moments and memories that I want to remember and capture in photos. I can honestly say that I’ve never been disappointed when I have my camera in tow.

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