A birthday with Kid Rock

| February 17, 2011
Mark and Merideth Bidner.

Mark and Merideth Bidner.

Each year, whether we like it or not, we all have a birthday. We all know that birthdays are an important celebration of life as they mark the milestones and footprints of our lives.

One of the greatest gifts we can bestow on our friends and loved ones is getting together to celebrate the occasion. It makes them feel important and is a reminder that their existence in our lives has meaning. It’s their day, but it is our opportunity to show our appreciation for their friendship.

So what better way to guarantee Merideth Bidner’s birthday was memorable than to rock the night away with Kid Rock? Within minutes of Kid Rock jumping on stage at the KFC Yum! Center, he commanded the attention of thousands with his long hair and a string of expletives.

I must admit, Kid Rock has not been on my list of must-see concerts, but I found myself singing along with the sold-out crowd of groupies. As I looked around in the suite, everyone was either playing air guitar or swaying their arms to the beat of the music.

Music has a way of defining times in our lives, even if that means purely an associative song from our childhood or teenage years that takes us back to a certain time or place. The boy from Detroit will forever be linked to Merideth and Mark Bidner, who so graciously hosted such an awesome birthday party!

photos by LORI KOMMOR | contributing photographer

Ron Wolz and Donna Harris.

Ron Wolz and Donna Harris.

Stacey Houlihan, Merideth Bidner and Lori Kommor.

Stacey Houlihan, Merideth Bidner and Lori Kommor.

Michael Houlihan, Mark Bidner and Andy Vine.

Michael Houlihan, Mark Bidner and Andy Vine.


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