Whitney’s Christmas card a hoot

| December 9, 2010

coverMarylou Whitney and husband John Hendrickson’s Christmas card this year outdid all others and even put the National Enquirer to shame!

The cover of her “INTERNATIONAL INQUISITOR” shows a young Marylou in diamond crown and a dapper young John Hendrickson in ambassadors’ medals headlined, “People in England said their marriage wouldn’t last!”

The headline referred to the announcement of their engagement at Buckingham Palace as guests of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip (Marylou sent me the scoop for “The Social Side” 13 years ago).

John Hendrickson is from Alaska and they visit every year. They have a ball!

Their Derby party this year was in New York where they have a beautiful apartment. Maylou had her “first taxi ride” to the Plaza through crowds that required NYPD in force to the Plaza swathed in Tiffany blue tablecloths, ,etc. and betting booths!

Here is Marylou in an Audrey Hepburn updo, long cigarette holder and long black gloves.

Relaxation at Whitney Park

John and Marylou spend summers at Whitney Park in upstate New York where John is shown feeding wild deer. There is also a wild black bear, sailboats on the lake and gorgeous fall foliage.

Whitney Park was founded by Marylou’s late husband Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney, famous Pan American Airlines president, film producer and thoroughbred horse owner who died in 1992 at the age of 93.

John gave a Christmas present to Marylou – the Marylou Whitney pink rose.

Marylou’s longshot Saratoga Derby colt, Birdstone, is shown with “his mom” in a photo in the Christmas card. And Saratoga backside workers are fed by Marylou and John.

Thank you, Marylou and John, especially the “Gone With The Wind” picture of Mammy lacing up you as “Miss Scarlett’s” corset!

Merry Christmas to you both and Happy New Year!

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