Jackie Clements visits from Britain

| July 27, 2011

British psychotherapist and gardening prize-winner Jackie Clements has accumulated numerous Louisville friends over the years during her annual stays at longtime friend Charles Whaley’s Cherokee Parkway home.

On her recent 12-day visit, planned to coincide with fellow Scottish-born Penny Sisto’s fabric art show on Native American themes at New Albany’s Carnegie Center for Art and History, Jackie was accompanied by friend Sharon Scott, a Newhaven, East Sussex neighbor (not far from Bloomsbury’s Charleston Farmhouse).  Sharon manages one of the terminals at England’s Gatwick Airport.

Shortly after their arrival, Jackie and Sharon were welcomed at a large “drinks and bites” party hosted by Charles Whaley and John Pfeiffer.  Amazingly, the scorchingly hot weather subsided for a time, allowing guests to flow from inside the house (filled with works by Jackie’s late husband, Keith Clements, and Bloomsbury artists, Duncan Grant and Dora Carrington) to the deck and garden outside.

Jane Welch, who was to be on a Canadian fishing trip with Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson at party time, made a special trip in advance to bring a sumptuous, dazzling arrangement of gladioluses from her Prospect garden.

Another eye-catching addition for the celebration, displayed on an easel, was a fabric portrait by artist Penny Sisto of Jackie’s 47-year-old daughter, Vaila Clements, who died in April of a brain tumor. Penny surprised Jackie with the gorgeous gift.

Vaila, who lived in Raleigh, N.C., with her husband, Peter Payne, was a vice president of Quintiles Transnational pharmaceutical services firm. Accomplished in many languages, Vaila had lived and worked in France, Germany and Japan.

Penny and her husband, renowned jazz musician Dick Sisto, were at the party along with several who entertained Jackie and Sharon during their stay at the Whaley home, which is only a few doors from the Cherokee Parkway house where  F. Scott Fitzgerald perhaps visited and met the Louisville girl who was the model for Daisy Buchanan in “The Great Gatsby.”

Hosting various events for the two British visitors were Jim Segrest, Pat and David Daulton, Ann and Joe Santora, Mary Ann Johnson and Jim Dissell, Nancy and Mark Needham, Mary Lou Merritt, Daniel Maye, Betty Smith, Susan Rostov, Dr. Chester Kratz, Olivia Smith and Kathy and Jon Gundersen.

Most of them were also at the July 14 Whaley/Pfeiffer party attended as well by these others: Carrie and Doug Orman, Jean Haas, Marjorie Shallcross, Muriel Handmaker, Jim Wilhelm, Thomson and Marilyn Smillie, Marilyn Mayes-Henry and Bill Hill, Laurice Samuels, Sandy and Mel Kuhbander, Roz Goepper and Jay Leidgen, Barbara Brick, Edy and Gordon Brown, Keith Eiken, Louise Cecil, Mitzi and Bill Friedlander, Gay Adelstein, Suzette Henke and Jim Rooney, Mary Anne and Bob Richardson, Mike McKinney, Elfi Grote, Luke Milligan and Kerrie and Duncan Lamfers.

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