Baby’s first Christmas…

| December 30, 2010
James Welch showed Josie a Bill Clinton Santa and a Snoopy toy with Woodstock on the piano.

James Welch showed Josie a Bill Clinton Santa and a Snoopy toy with Woodstock on the piano.

I had myself a very merry Christmas this year!

Santa’s best present to me was my new granddaughter Josie Welch, born on March 31 and just the right age for “Baby’s First Christmas” pictures.

Josie saw her Mommy, Kate Blodgett “kissing Santa Claus,” really her “Da Da” James, after a glorious Christmas dinner on Dec. 25 at a beautiful Old Louisville historic home enjoyed by Kate, James, my daughter Lucie Long and costume expert Louise Cecil.

After dinner, pecan pie, cake, ice cream with chocolate sauce and coffee was enjoyed at the long table with red brocade cloth, jeweled velvet ribbons, holly and greenery and old-fashioned red and gold foil covered chocolate Santas.

Our Christmas Day dinner was lavish: rare roast beef (Paul’s), green bean casserole, fresh broccoli with almonds and heavenly fluffy mashed potatoes (Kate’s specialty) proceeded by cocktail fare of Benedictine on Heitzman’s buns, pineapple salsa on black bean tortilla chips, celery, tiny raw carrots and olives, and River Valley butternut squash soup.

After dinner Louise asked:

“Do you have a picture of Josie with Santa? I have a Santa Claus suit in my car…”

(I was dying for that picture so we brought up the costume that minute!)

James put on the red velvet suit with huge stomach pillows, beard, glasses and boots.

Louise reminded us that we all had to sit in his lap so Josie wouldn’t be afraid of him.

“This is Santa Claus” we told Josie smiling and patting him.

But Josie screamed bloody murder, in spite of recognizing his voice when we put her into his arms.

So he lowered his beard and she saw that he was Da Da.

And we all lived happily ever after!


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