A second look at ‘Equus’

| August 10, 2011
Drew Cash posed with a horse at Churchill Downs.

Drew Cash posed with a horse at Churchill Downs.

I’m breaking ALL THE RULES today, Dear Readers, so please bear with me.

This is the first and only time in 30 years I have ever used two of the exact same pictures two weeks straight in The Social Side.

Here they are, from the Bunbury Theatre’s recent production of the famous play “Equus” at The Henry Clay.

Not only does each picture tell a story, there’s a story behind them.

Program photographer Mike McKinney wanted to shoot actor Drew Cash, who played “Allan” with a real horse, as opposed to the play’s prop and costume horse. He found the owner of a thoroughbred at Churchill Downs who agreed to let his horse be part of the shoot on the strict condition that his name not be mentioned. Cash, who had never before been on a horse, posed for 56 photos, which included the one used on the program, which captures a haunting image of the horse’s eye.

Mike, who shares a home with actor Roger Fristoe, got the intense program portrait of Fristoe as Dr. Martin Dysart with no reflection on his glasses by taking it through their kitchen window.

Roger Fristoe’s photo was taken through a kitchen window.

Roger Fristoe’s photo was taken through a kitchen window.

“Lucie, we sold tickets at the door on Thursday (the day The Voice came out), Friday, Saturday and closing day Sunday performances to who came to the door and said they read about ‘Equus’ in your column,” director Mike Seely told me Sunday night. Fristoe said, “We got standing ovations that shook the theater.”

In the audience for the packed Sunday matinee were financial backers Steve and Kay Harrell of Nashville, who came with fellow Rotarians Henry Heuser and John Bush, both past presidents of the Louisville Rotary Club.

The Harrells had missed opening night because of the death at age 96 of his father earlier the same week.

Other out-of-town playgoers were Mike McKinnon’s nephew Tony Brown and Tony’s companion Diane Montgomery, both of whom are members of the faculty at Oklahoma State University at Stillwater. Muggy as Louisville has been, the weather was no hardship to them. Tony reported that it was 115 degrees when they left Stillwater.

Also in the audience Sunday was Susan Lynch, who played Martha to Fristoe’s George in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.” Susan is married to Brown-Forman executive Steve Lynch.

The Harrells took Bob and Mary Anne Richardson of Louisville to lunch Sunday at Proof On Main, part of 21c Museum Hotel where the Harrells stayed. Both couples and yours truly have been guests at Mike and Roger’s lake house “Back of the Moon” – the Harrells go so often that they have their own key.

The Harrells plan to spend 32 days in Spain beginning in September. Mike McKinnon will join them for nine days in Seville while Roger rehearses the role “Charles” in Noel Coward’s “Blithe Spirit.”

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