Happy Birthday Mr. Congressman

| November 8, 2012
John Yarmuth with his mother Edna, who recalled his birth 65 years ago.

John Yarmuth with his mother Edna, who recalled his birth 65 years ago.

Well, it was not quite Marilyn Monroe and President Kennedy at Madison Square Garden, but it was festive and fun and loving. Congressman John Yarmuth celebrated his birthday Sunday at his home in Harrod’s Creek, surrounded by family and friends.

Cathy Yarmuth planned a great warm affair for husband John. All of his family and close friends were there for a casual party. His brother founded and owns the popular “Sonny’s Bar-B-Q” chain in Florida. He flew in with family and a plane full of barbecue pulled pork, ribs, potato salad slaw and green beans.

The Silver Spoon added the extra touches that made the afternoon run smoothly. Hors d’oeuvres of every kind were everywhere. Dinner was served on the lower level and people visited and ate all over the house. There were enough birthday cupcakes for an army. Everyone’s sweet tooth was satisfied.

All of John’s family was there plus Roanne and Buzzy Victor, Dawn Meade, Cheryl Chapman and Julius Friedman, Ed and Bernadette Hamilton, Terri and Steve Bass, Karen and Kenny Sales, Shaio Woo, John Shaw Woo, Ben Small, Michael Judd and Laura Frazier.

Sarah and Jim Haynes, Mary Moss and John Greenebaum, Terry Meiners, Jennifer and Jonathan Blum, Elise Sales, Paula and Britt Brockman were among the many.

Everyone was envious and admiring the bronze maquette of the seated Lincoln, by Ed Hamilton, that was dedicated on the Waterfront in downtown Louisville several years ago. It is placed in a window that looks north to the Ohio.


Sculptor Ed Hamilton and his wife Bernadette.

Sculptor Ed Hamilton and his wife Bernadette.

Summit Academy celebrated their 20th anniversary with their annual Mountaintop Breakfast at the Olmsted last week.

The Mountaintop Breakfast raises money for the school in Middletown. It is a stellar school that deals with children who learn differently. They are not slow or dumb or stupid, they just process information differently than most of us. Most of the graduates go on to high school and college.

The school was founded by Rosemary and Charlie Middleton along with the institution’s head of school, Margaret Thornton. It is a roaring success! You have only to sit for an hour and hear from these successful “different” children what they have achieved, to become a believer.

More than 250 people sat at tables of ten. Each table had a captain, actually a caring individual who invited the attendees to simply come and listen. When the hour-long presentation was over, virtually every person in the room had made some sort of financial commitment to help.

Adorable Reagan Conrad Bushman, the new son of Missy and Will Bushman who was born on Halloween.

Adorable Reagan Conrad Bushman, the new son of Missy and Will Bushman who was born on Halloween.

Robert Banks, an alumnus parent welcomed the nearly full room. After the Summit Academy Singers sang “Climbing to the Top” the group enjoyed a breakfast of quiche, fruit, granola and muffins. After Margaret Thorton’s welcome and a moving video, Marcia Sparks and her adult son Matt Soloman told of a moving firsthand experience they had with his daughter. Then Rosemary Thornton told of the journey of her daughter from Summit student to summa cum laude college student to Summit teacher.

With few dry eyes, the credit cards and pledge pens were very busy fulfilling the morning’s objective.

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