Celebrating Christmas In Style

| December 20, 2012
Evelyn Sympson with her Christmas Village.

Evelyn Sympson with her Christmas Village.

The Association of the Louisville Orchestra (ALO) held their annual Staff Christmas Luncheon at Winona Shiprek’s lovely home. This year marks the 25th anniversary of A’ la Carte, the spectacular fundraising series of parties that ALO holds each summer.

David and Evelyn Sympson have a special love for the Christmas season because she completely decorates their home in spectacular seasonal fashion. In one room she replaces all the books on the bookshelves with wonderful miniature churches and historic buildings
that they have visited.

The Pyramid Trust investment club held its Christmas dinner dance at the Louisville Country Club. The evening started off with cocktails and the traditional seafood “raw bar” the members enjoy so much. After every shrimp and oyster was consumed the members and their ladies sat down in the ballroom to a dinner of osso bucco, lemon risotto, salad and chocolate-covered peppermint ice cream “pie.” Dancing followed and was needed to work off
some of the repast.

Sue Baughman with Don and Libby Parkinson at the Parkinsons’ Christmas Wonderland home.

Sue Baughman with Don and Libby Parkinson at the Parkinsons’ Christmas Wonderland home.

Annually, everyone looks forward to Susie Greenberg’s traditional Christmas Tea at The Seelbach Hotel. Everyone loves a “tea” that starts off with champagne and a string quartet, and Susie invites a wonderful crowd of ladies who range from 29 to 99. When all were seated tiered trays with wonderful sandwiches and sweets were emptied and replaced many times. There must have been at least twenty different “goodies” that were served along with tea.

Nobody does a Christmas house like Libby Parkinson, and she showed off her skills in spades at the new house that she and Don moved into this past summer. They have downsized but you would never notice. There were trees in every room filled with wonderful Krinkles and other beautiful ornaments. There is even the Teddy Bear Tea. On a guest room bed there are bears all dressed up, sitting in a circle having a tea party!

Sandra Frazier tossed herself one swell 40th Birthday Bash and that girl does know how to entertain. She used the entire second floor of The Henry Clay, starting with cocktails and a wonderful, traditional Christmas buffet. This was followed by a concert in the ball room with none other than the legendary musical duo Daryl Hall and John Oates. Old and young were invited and all had a rockin’ good time.

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