Salsa dancing at SkyBar

| August 31, 2011

Salsa Dancing at SkyBar.It almost sounds like a scene from “Dirty Dancing” – couples lined up, dressed up for the evening, the lights dimmed low and a dance instructor leading the flow of traffic as men and women sway their hips and do a few twists of the salsa.

This isn’t Kellerman’s in the Catskills or a club in Havana, though. It’s SkyBar at Saints, 131 Breckenridge Lane, a club in Louisville that offers weekly salsa dance lessons every Thursday night.

I’ve never salsa danced, but last Thursday, I decided to try it out for the first time during the beginner dance lessons at 9 p.m. at SkyBar.

Alex Acevedo, filling in for salsa instructor Gabe Scott, led the salsa dance lessons, standing in the center of the floor with a group of couples surrounding him. To begin the lesson, Acevedo had the men stand to the right of the floor, while the women stood to the left, pairing us off before learning the first few steps of the dance.

I was a little afraid I’d get lost in the shuffle, but the salsa is actually a pretty simple dance. If you ever actually lose your footing, just remember to take a step back, and you’ll literally find yourself right back in the dance.

The salsa dance we learned was actually an easy back and forth step – that is until we learned how to do the cross-turn. It took a few tries to get the spin down, but with the help of a few semi-experienced dancers, I had practically perfected it halfway through the lesson. We even learned a triple twist at the end, where the female turns once, followed by the male and then the female again to complete the quick-spin combo.

Salsa Dancing at SkyBar.While I felt a little unsure about dancing at first, by the end of the night, I had become fearless with the salsa, especially after some of the experienced dancers forced me to try some crazy spins and twists that I never would have imagined I was capable of doing.

What I discovered from salsa dancing was the secret to dancing well: You have to let loose and forget about whether you look good dancing. If it takes a few drinks to do so, there’s a bar right by the dance floor; but whatever it takes, if you just let go of the fear of embarrassing yourself, you’ll actually end up impressing yourself.

I still couldn’t help but laugh the entire time I was dancing the salsa, but I was genuinely having a great time getting to know the dance as well as the dancers.

After Acevedo added some music to the lesson, we all felt like true experts, as several of the dancers threw out the dance count and started to add their own style and flair.

Finally, after the lesson was over, Cosa Seria took the stage to perform while beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers headed to the dance floor to show off their salsa steps.

Watching the advanced dancers can be both intimidating and inspiring, but seeing the best salsa dancers in Louisville only increased my desire to come back and take another lesson at SkyBar.

Salsa dancing at SkyBar is a great way to have fun on a Thursday night, and is also great for a date, or those looking to find a date. Every few minutes, you switch dance partners, so you’re constantly becoming acquainted with someone new while learning the various steps of the dance.

You can have a few drinks, learn a few salsa steps and find yourself impressing others – and even yourself – with your newly acquired salsa dancing skills.

Thursday dance lessons

Intermediate level: 7:30 p.m.
Advanced level: 8:15 p.m.
Beginner level: 9 p.m.


Class: $5; class plus admission to Cosa Seria performance: $10.


Cosa Seria performs from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.


SkyBar is located on the second floor of Saints, 131 Breckenridge Lane, and available for private bookings.


Call 502.896-6711.

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