| December 8, 2011

MEAT.Last week, I went out for drinks with a friend and found myself living through a scene straight out of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

On a dark Wednesday evening, I climbed the wooden flight of stairs to Meat, 1076 E. Washington St., and suddenly began to wonder if I was facing inevitable doom.

The first warning sign came from the eery glow of a red light hanging above the gray concrete door at the top of the stairs. Intuition kicked in. I thought, ‘This can’t be the pub.’

It seemed a little off, but in true horror-film fashion, I decided to investigate. I turned the handle of the door and slowly stepped through to find a narrow hallway leading to a glass case of meat hanging from the ceiling.

Despite every flashback I was having of the murder scenes in horror films, I continued on through the hallway and turned into a dimly lit lobby.

There, I came across a hostess standing at a table beside a set of hanging curtains tucked behind the case of meat.

MEAT.This was it. Either the pub or Leatherface was awaiting the other side of the drapes. With a deep breath I slipped through the curtain and let out a huge gasp.

The inside of Meat is nothing like I’ve seen in Louisville. The bar and lounge is reminiscent of nightspots in New York City, with brick walls, cozy couches, glass tables and small candles lighting the dark interior.

I quickly found a sofa in the corner and sunk down into the seat as I skimmed the drink menu which features cocktails, wine, beer and “meat,” the pub’s homemade version of ale and vino.

The concept behind Meat is the combination of the Prohibition-era cocktail movement and the quaint charm that’s distinct to  Louisville.

The bar serves a unique list of beverages and offers the choice of white or red meat (wine) or light or dark meat (beer).

MEAT.I chose to try the $4.50 light meat on tap, which was a giant glass of golden brew that seemed to glow in the darkness.

With a fleeting hoppy aftertaste and the flavor of a light beer, the light meat was a delicious treat that I savored.

Since I had to work the following day, I chose to stay away from a second glass of beer or wine, but with the large serving from the bar, one drink was enough to leave me satisfied.

Drinks — or meat, I should say — isn’t the only item to enjoy at the lounge, though. As a parting gift, a giant case of candy sits atop the bar, where you can scoop out a variety of nuts, chocolate covered malt balls and other confections.

It was a sweet end to a somewhat scary start. But despite the horror movie-esque beginning, don’t let that spooky entrance frighten you away.

This is one pub you don’t want to miss. It’s great for casual conversation inside a scenic space in Butchertown, a chance to venture out of your comfort zone in drink choice, and will likely become the hotspot for partygoers to wind down after a night on the town.

For more information on Meat, visit


Tuesday through Saturday, 5 p.m. to 4 a.m.


1076 E. Washington St. above The Blind Pig.

Items to try:

White Meat and Red Meat (wine): $7 by the glass, $28 by the bottle.

Light Meat and Dark Meat (beer): $4.50 on tap.

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