Lady Gaga thrills Yum! Center

| March 16, 2011
Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga.

Most of us tend to believe that our moods change according to the weather. When the sky is continuously gray, our mood is melancholy, and our energy levels are lower. This holds true in my world. So when the sun made an appearance this past weekend, it was long overdue and much needed for my psyche.

Add the much-anticipated Lady Gaga concert to Saturday’s sunny weather, and you have a downtown that is energetic and alive. With the opening of the KFC Yum! Center in the heart of downtown, we have witnessed a boom in restaurants and businesses overnight.

Our city waited patiently for the arrival of the Yum! Center, and it has had a tremendous impact in a short time. Could it be the reason the University of Louisville basketball team has exceeded even Rick Pitino’s expectations? Whatever the reason, I’m going to ride the wave as far as it takes me. Louisville has had a first-class facility from the moment the Eagles headlined the Yum! Center’s first concert.

Whether you’re a Madonna fan or not, she has stood the test of time in an industry that is merciless. She has found ways to reinvent herself that have left her devoted fans wanting more. Madonna has played in a league all her own – that is until Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (aka Lady Gaga).
So when Lady Gaga unveiled her new single “Born This Way” on the Grammys, the barrage of accusations began hitting the music world. The sound and beat is reminisced of Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” Her onstage spectacle, costumes and choreographed dance routines also can be compared to Madonna’s concert.

To most Madonna fans, there is no doubt that Gaga is channeling Madonna’s music to some degree. But is she actually copying her? Witnessing her concert firsthand, the similarity rang through loud and clear.

While Gaga has been crowned the queen of music at the moment, time will tell if she has the sustainability to bear the crown for years to come.

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