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| May 4, 2011
Cheryl Parish

Cheryl Parish

This week we asked readers to share their thoughts on Betsey Johnson – and did they ever respond! Take a look at some of their comments.

“I love Betsey’s designs because you can always spot them. They are so fun and whimsical! I am excited to support the amazing people who are being honored at the brunch. Their strength and bravery is inspirational.”
– Cheryl Parish

J.P. Davis

J.P. Davis

“The Voice always throws a fabulous party. Betsey Johnson is a fashion icon. Derby is the perfect time of year to celebrate her accomplishments. I’m thrilled the event is bringing awareness to breast cancer. I’m hoping this community will continue to get behind cancer research.”
– J.P. Davis


Ashley Blevins

Ashley Blevins

“I love Betsey Johnson because she is a champion for women in impeccable, funkadelic style.”
– Ashley Blevins


Lisa Causarano

Lisa Causarano

“Betsey Johnson is iconic in the fashion world. Her over-the-top style encourages everyone to think outside the box when looking in their closet. Whether it’s a wardrobe staple or a sassy accent, if it has a Betsey Johnson label on it, you can bet that it is a statement piece!

“Louisville is lucky to have some famous names and faces come in for the Derby, but we’re doubly fortunate this year with Ms. Johnson’s appearance at the brunch hosted by Chambord and The Voice-Tribune. Not only is this woman an inspiration in the fashion world, but – as a cancer survivor herself – she’s an inspiration to those who have been touched by breast cancer. Come on, she’s 68 and she ends all of her fashion shows by doing a cartwheel. Who can’t respect and admire that?”
– Lisa Causarano

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  1. Ana Deanne says:

    A friend of mine showed me her website a few weeks ago and I love love love her now! Her fashion sense is like a breath of fresh air. Love you, Miss Betsey :)