A Rise to Stardom

In the realm of sport, many athletes aspire to be the premier figure on their team.

New Year, Similar Arguments

Tony Vanetti: Man, you got to answer, is there a compelling game left for the Cats in basketball until the month of...

When Very Good is Enough

Averaging 12.6 points per game, Wayne Blackshear is the third-leading scorer on the No. 5 college basketball team in the country.

The Future Rising

Brandon Radcliff capped off his season with a team-high 737 yards rushing and 12 touchdowns.

Wildcats Are The Toughest Nut To Crack

Tony Vanetti: Another dream game in the books, and Kentucky comes up with another win. Matt, your thoughts on an eight-point victory...

Bearcats Pound Bulldogs

The Kentucky Country Day Bearcats defeated the Burgin Bulldogs on Friday, Dec. 26 56-10. Sydney Mathis led KCD with 23 points.